Top 10 Most Useful Tools for an Exterior RV Wash


When it comes time for a RV wash there are 3 types of people. You either are obsessing over it, doing it because it hasn’t been done in a while, or because your significant other is not making your life easy over it. Regardless of your situation there are some tools that just make washing a RV easier, faster, and more effective. After some careful polling of RV owners, message boards, and our own experiences we have compiled this list of handy items to save you time, money, and even offer you a little enjoyment for the next RV wash.

Clever Tips for Your Next RV Wash:
  • Slip a wool wash mitt over the head of your wash brush for a simple and cheap way to avoid scratches while washing.
  • Tie a rope across the top of your ladder above the roof line. Then lift hose up across the rope so that you can lower and pull the hose without worrying about damaging the side of the RV.
  • Zip tie a rag to your brush pole a few feet from the head so that the rag hangs loose toward the head. Tie a fishing sinker to the tips of the rag. The result is a simple way to keep water from running down your arms.


The Top 10 List of Tools for an Exterior RV Wash

1. Lambs wool Wash Mitt


This tool has been around for years yet it still serves as one of the most useful RV washing tools available. If your RV or car needs to be free of scratches and you are trying to keep that wonderful shiny finish than look no further. Simply slip this mitt on your hand and your arm turns into a delicate yet effective RV wash kit. These mitts easily lift dirt and do not leave lint behind. It is safe for use on any surface on your RV.


2. Flow-Thru Wash Brush with Extension Pole


If you have a larger RV then chances are you need a ladder to get up high and in those hard to reach areas. That is why you might consider a RV wash brush with a flow through. Not only does it spread the soap but it also dispenses water from the brush after you connect the hose to the end. Carrand makes a quality version with a 10” brush and 68” extension pole. You can also consider a version with no flow-thru function with the option of a longer pole for those extra tall RV’s.

3. NuFinish Polish


Nu Finish has been the #1 car polish for years. Every major auto magazine has confirmed that over the years. It has the same charming effect on RV’s as well. It claims to protect, improve the shine, and give your vehicle added durability. If the reviews are any indication, it does that an more. It is relatively simple to use. Just apply with a damp cloth, let it dry, then wipe off. No buffing or heavy rubbing required.


4.  Meguiar’s Gold Class Car Wash Shampoo and Conditioner


Meguiar’s Gold Class Car Wash Shampoo and Conditioner is by far the most highly regarded item on this list. It claims to effectively wash away all that dirt and grime without removing the wax you may have already applied. The reviews support this claim. It is very soft on paint and will help maintain the condition of your RV to look as good as new for years to come.


5. The Absorber Synthetic Drying Chamois


The Absorber is one of the leading drying tools available. It is not a towel nor made of leather. It is actually made of a high tech material called PVA (Poly Vinyl Alcohol). It is one of the most effective ways to dry your rig after a RV wash. The Absorber is 27″ x 17″ which should give you plenty of absorbing real estate.

6. Collapsible Wash Bucket


Keeping a 5 gallon bucket around when you are on the road isn’t an easy task. It tends to take up valuable space better used by other items. Camco’s rectangular XL collapsible wash bucket is clever alternative to the traditional bucket. It is over 18″ wide for ease of use with large wash brushes. It collapses to only 2-3/4″ tall inside a included storage bag making it very easy to store.


7. The Grit Guard Insert


If you have every dipped your brush in a bucket half way through a RV wash only to notice that you are just stirring up a slurry of dirt back onto the brush, then the Grit Guard is worth considering. This handy gadget goes inside a standard 5 gallon bucket and allows debris and heavy dirt to fall to he bottom without being stirred during brush dips. It also ensures you don’t apply something to the side of your RV that could gouge or scratch the finish.

8. Car Wash Foam Gun


One of the surprising tools being used more and more for a RV wash is the foam gun. The gun has a reservoir that you fill with auto shampoo. Then once the hose is plugged into the end, pressing the trigger perfectly mixes air, water, and soap into a thick foam that you can spray with precision. There are several options out there. The highest rated seem to be from Gilmour or MTM Hydro. Remember that these recommend the use of specialized soap in most cases so don’t forget the special auto shampoo.

9. Truck Wash


You don’t always have the time nor tools to get to a RV wash. Use a Truck Wash Directory or find the closest J an J or Blue Beacon truck wash. Part with a few dollars and soon you will be on your way with a clean RV.


10. Have the tools just not the motivation? Then use king of tools: Money


Get someone else to do it by hiring it done. Surely between your kids, grand kids, friends, family and neighbors you can find some willing soul to scrub your rig for you!



Any tools you use that are handy for a RV wash? Share them in the comments in below!
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