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Given the hassle regarding transporting, storing, and finding firewood when your traveling in your RV, this clever idea called the Campfire In A Can Portable Outdoor Fire Pit is just what the regulator ordered. Not only does it make a campfire easy, its also compact, and lightweight enough to stow in virtually any RV. All you do remove the aluminum cover which also doubles as the carrying case/stand, attach it to your propane source and strike a match (or lighter).  The Campfire in a Can portable fire pit also has a cooking grate for those wholesome outdoor meals and valve to easily adjust the propane. Be sure to look at the videos below as this unit can put off some serious flame if your so inclined.

When a friend introduced me to the Campfire in a Can portable fire pit the first thing I noticed was the small profile of the whole unit. The unit is approximately 15″ x 15″ x 10″ making it easily one of the most compact portable propane campfire products I have seen. The manufacturer claims that this unit can get up to 64,000 BTU’s and that it is the “hottest” campfire on the market. Unfortunately I have no way of testing those claims but by the gigantic flame this puts off (if you choose to turn up the valve up to that level) I am willing to believe it.


The Campfire in a Can portable fire pit is also safe to burn on a wood deck and even carpet. I didn’t have any use for this but its impressive regardless. The unit also comes with a log look-a-like set that intends to give off the appearance of real wood. Honestly who cant tell the difference? I do however like that it is one piece so that there is no clanking or pieces moving around when you move it.  If you have a hookup for a secondary propane attachment on your RV you will like that this unit comes with a RV hook up coupler and 10 feet of hose to make the preparation process very painless.

The hose, connector, grate, faux log, and all the parts fit neatly inside the aluminum cover which clips into to the campfire base. The cover has a handle on it for easy transport and carrying. All in it weighs a little over 14lbs.

One of the selling points of the Campfire in a Can portable fire pit for me is that is it allowed for use during a fire ban. This unit is fire ban approved. That along with the fact that firewood is difficult to deal with in some parts of the country make this a huge asset for many RV’ers. I can see pulling this out of my RV and using it at home in my back yard as well. Hook it up to my propane tank for my grill and away we go!

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