Tale of the Cargo Space: Rice University Art Professor and Students Craft a Traveling Artist’s Colony

cargo space painting

What happens when a group of professional artists and art students get together and decide to make their own DIY RV? Answer: the Cargo Space What is the Cargo Space? The Cargo Space is a transformed and redesigned transit bus with a living space that sleeps five (soon to be six) people. It’s designed as a [...]

Timeless Airstream Interior Restoration of a 1968 Safari 22′ Single-Axle


It’s been a while since we covered an Airstream Remodel. The famous and beloved stainless steel bubbles have become some of the most sought after RV’s in the world, driving prices up in the process. And things can get quite pricey if you’re looking to do a complete interior remodel of an old Airstream. It’s even [...]

Beautiful 1964 Dodge Travco Motorhome Who Goes By Myrtle

After  (Myrtle and Me Blog)

Vintage RV’s are popular, and it seems as though they get more popular with each passing year. Most restored vintage RV’s look far better than they did even in their prime. But many restorations fall short in keeping the interior and exterior consistent with the look of the original build. Much like with a classic car, it’s incredibly [...]