Hollywood Set Trailer Gets Makeover For TV Star

Living area after

Ellen Pompeo plays the lead character Dr. Meredith Grey on the television series Grey’s Anatomy. She’s been on the show since it began in 2005, working out of the same trailer on set. Ellen Pompeo in her redecorated set trailer. Recently, she decided to spruce up the interior of the RV she’s been living in while […]

This Woman Renovated A 2001 National RV Travel Trailer

Kitchen area after

I’m excited to share this renovation sent in by Lana, a DoItYourselfRV reader. Here’s what Lana told me via email: – – – – – – – – – I renovated my 2001 National RV Travel Trailer. I wanted to move it away from a bare bones generic interior to something that was livable and cozy. […]

A Beach RV Interior Remodel for The Beach Bum in All of Us

Faux Window

The inside of your RV can tell quite a story. The old adage “if these walls could talk” certainly applies. In many cases it says a lot about your habits (good and bad) and provides a window into your personality. We’ve seen RV interiors that were even designed to change your mood. The example we have […]

Beautiful 1964 Dodge Travco Motorhome Who Goes By Myrtle

After  (Myrtle and Me Blog)

Vintage RV’s are popular, and it seems as though they get more popular with each passing year. Most restored vintage RV’s look far better than they did even in their prime. But many restorations fall short in keeping the interior and exterior consistent with the look of the original build. Much like with a classic car, it’s incredibly […]

Custom Toy Hauler From a Cargo Box and Tractor Trailer


Just when you think you’ve had an original thought, you often find that someone else had already dreamed it up before you. Such is life. A reader named Paul M. from Pittsburg, PA had an epiphany recently only to find some clever craftsman beat him to the punch. Rather then pout, he was so impressed by […]