Danny D RV Tips: Simple RV Awning Tie Down


Danny D shares an approach to protecting your awning with a simple RV awning tie down system. The wind can be quite destructive to your RV awning. Anyone who has left their awning deployed while on a walk or away from their RV for a time to return to a flipped awning will know.


Through the use of an inexpensive spiral stake and some rope you can make sure that your awning stays the way you left it, even in the wind. As an added bonus you can even tie your dog to it or any other pet for that matter. Who doesn’t love dual purpose?

Danny D RV Tips: Simple RV Awning Tie Down

The Items Required for Installing Simple RV Awning Tie Down:


Tools Needed:

  1. Scissors/Knife
  2. Elbow Grease!


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