Danny D RV Tips for RV Electric Outdoor Appliances: Create a $20 Light Switch


Danny D RV Tips RV outdoor appliances

Danny D shares a quick idea to turn the rv electric outdoor appliances you have into a simple and easy to manage on/off power switch. All for just around $20 ($10-25 More if you want an outdoor rated surge protector which is recommended). If you choose not to go with a outdoor rated power supply then you MUST take it down and unplug all rv electric outdoor appliances during inclement weather. If you do opt for the outdoor rated or water resistant model for a little more cost then you can feel confident that most weather will not bother the setup. It doesn’t hurt to take them down during inclement weather anyways.

When you have your outdoor lights, fans, radio and any other outdoor appliance setup outside for a nice day there are a lot of things to plug in. Danny D wanted to share this quick thought on how to more effectively setup your outdoor rv electric outdoor appliances for a quick process to turn them on and off without necessarily unplugging everything and taking them down.

Danny D RV Tips: Create a Light Switch for your RV Electric Outdoor Appliances

The Items Required for this Simple RV Electric Outdoor Appliances Mod:

  • Industrial Velcro or 3M Command Strips
  • Power Strip – Though you can use a standard power strip, an outdoor or water resistant model is recommended. It will add to the cost but add life to this mod. It will also not offer as severe of an electrical hazard if you cant unplug it before weather gets rough.  Examples of each type below:


  1. Standard Power Strip

  2. Outdoor Rated 

  3. Water Resistant 


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