Free Online Police Scanner Access on your PC, Smartphone or Tablet


Call it curiosity, concern, or perhaps even boredom, but listening into police, fire, EMS, rail, or aircraft communications can be a wealth of information. We know many that carry police scanner units and have them on nearly every waking minute. The standalone police scanner units can run from a reasonable $50 all the way up to north of $500. Even then all you can access is the frequencies in your local area. If you are interested in listening in, perhaps a better solution is the free online Police scanner tools available for PC, smartphone, and tablet access.

With everyone and their brother carrying a mobile device, laptop, or PC around in their RV it shouldn’t be surprising that there are a series of tools to turn your device into a free online police scanner. After all we can email, take photos, surf the web, and find our GPS location so why not also have the device be a police scanner right? The neat part about using a PC, smartphone, tablet or other device as a free online police scanner is that you can access different municipalities, cities, states, and even countries should you feel the need.

The 3 Different Ways to Get Free Online Police Scanner Access:

  1. Use a Personal Computer or Laptop

    – Visit from your browser and gain instant access to live audio feeds from hundreds of fire, police, ems, aircraft and rail communications. All at no cost to you.

  2. Use a Android Phone or Tablet

    –  Download and Install the Police Scanner Radio Scanner app in the Google Play Store. A highly rated FREE online police scanner app enables you listen to Police and Radio scanners from around the world. USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Japan, Italy, Chile, Austria with more scanners added all the time.

  3. Use a iPhone/iPad

    –  Download and Install the 5-0 Radio Police Scanner Lite app in iTunes. This police scanner app lets you tap into the largest collection of live police, firefighters, aircraft, railroad, marine, emergency, and ham radios. You can be the first to get information about news, events, and crime in your area.

You may want to have a reference sheet of the different police scanner codes in order to get a feel for the meaning of the different codes and words that get used frequently during communication.

Keep in mind that these publically available audio feeds are not required by law to be provided to the public. In times of significant events they have been known to go radio silent such as during the Boston Marathon tragedy. It is up to police and officials to determine whether these audio feeds are available. You can read more about the rules behind police scanner availability at the Verge. So listen to your free online police scanner feeds while you can!


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