Funny (Interesting) RV: Clothing Optional Nude RV Park


Artwork by Henry Yuen

Artwork by Henry Yuen

After the initial shock value of this idea and a few minutes of google’ing later it turns out that this is not an isolated nude RV park showcased in the video below. There are literally dozens upon dozens of nude RV parks all around the U.S. This came as quite a surprise to me (maybe I am sheltered). The more I think about it the less shocking it is and the more interesting it becomes. Isn’t that what RV’ing is all about? Doing things your own way and throwing conventional social norms about traveling into the wind? While I am not going to run right out and dance around in my birthday suit anytime soon I can begin to see the allure and without question the humor (in the form of awkwardness). Have a look at the video below done by a travel blogger named Kristin Finan for a more in depth view of what goes on in nude RV parks.

Video by the Houston Chronicle on the Sandpipers Nude RV Resort

Clothing-optional RV park

The resort that is featured on this video is the Sandpipers Resort, Edinburg, TX (viewer discretion advised when clicking that link if your easily offended) and it is among hundreds of nudist friendly locations in the U.S. A list of available “social nudity locations” can be found on wikipedia. For the price of $55 a night (discounted rate available for AANR Members (American Association for Nude Recreation)) you can find yourself amongst the social trailblazers and perhaps become one of them! You will find many of the same activities found at traditional non nude RV parks such as water volleyball, tennis, golf, theatrical and musical performances, parties, happy hours, wine classes, and birding. When your browsing their website you may notice something different about the volleyball, tennis, and wine classes. Though you may have done them before, I imagine the experience being much more exciting at Sandpipers Resort without pants or even a shirt.

A list of 10 top nude RV parks in the U.S. It looks like regardless of where you find yourself on the map there will be a nude RV park near you. I am sure that is music to your eyes, so be sure to share stories with us if you have been a patron of one of these nude RV parks so that the rest of us can live vicariously through you!

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  1. edgar says

    I agree with most of these people because they are more friendly and have more sincerity. And always secure of themselves. I personally enjoy being in this world.

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