Clever Mod for Cold Weather RV Window Insulation

If you brave the cold weather in your RV then you know the perils of poor insulation. Having a RV that is well insulated can take a cold weather trip from miserable to tolerable in a hurry. A reader by the name of Jenson just took his first go at some cold weather RV’ing recently and learned the hard way that his RV wasn’t geared properly for the journey. Upon his return he began some research to find some quick fixes to better insulate his RV. After some testing it was clear to him that the lack of RV window insulation was the main contributor. After all most RV windows aren’t as robust as effective insulating as traditional residential housing.

Cold Weather RV Window Insulation

Jenson used an idea that he found from Just Jeff’s RV Page to help him with his RV window insulation. Jeff’s concept is one part science and one part ingenuity on behalf of his 2013 Jayco Greyhawk 29KS. In order to better insulate the unused windows in his RV, he uses a pillowcase, cardboard, Reflectix, and a pillow to accomplish a fairly effective RV window insulation.

Many people use Velcro and Reflectix only, fastening it to the window frame. Jeff’s idea offers significantly more insulation and perhaps a little more style.

This mod requires only the following:

  • Pillow Case (preferably one that matches your RV interior)
  • Reflectix
  • Standard Pillow
  • Piece of Cardboard as large as the pillowcase.

All you need to do is place a layer of the Reflectix, the pillow, and the piece of cardboard inside the pillow case. The Reflectix of course is a highly efficient material that reflects 96% of the heat/cold. That combined with the cardboard for rigidity and the pillow for insulation make for a low cost answer to RV window insulation. The total cost for making this will vary based on how many of the components you already have available. It shouldn’t be more than $5-10 a piece if you are making a few of them to spread out the cost of Reflectix.

When installed this mod should prevent a majority of the heat loss and also condensation. This and more great cold weather RV tips can be found at Jeff’s RV Page

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