Thetford Launches Residential-Sized RV Toilet

Thetford Aqua Magic Residence Commode RV Toilet 42169 Hi Profile White by Thetford

Its always a pain (literally) using most RV toilets. Its I have been waiting for a lightweight full size toilet for quite some time. The initial reviews on this thing look pretty good. I am taller at 6’5″ and the size of normal toilets inside RV’s are tough to deal with. If you have trouble like many RV’ers with the height of your toilet this may be a great option for making easier to get up and off the royal throne! You can pick one up online via amazon at the link below.  I understand they should also be available at many camping outlets.

Thetford’s Product Website

Resources for Installing or Replacing your RV Toilet:


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Watch this video on YouTube.