Thetford Launches Residential-Sized RV Toilet

Thetford Aqua Magic Residence Commode RV Toilet 42169 Hi Profile White by Thetford

Its always a pain (literally) using most RV toilets. Its I have been waiting for a lightweight full size toilet for quite some time. The initial reviews on this thing look pretty good. I am taller at 6’5″ and the size of normal toilets inside RV’s are tough to deal with. If you have trouble like many RV’ers with the height of your toilet this may be a great option for making easier to get up and off the royal throne! You can pick one up online via amazon at the link below.  I understand they should also be available at many camping outlets.

Thetford’s Product Website


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Press Release

-Ann Arbor, Mich.-based Thetford Corp. has introduced the new Aqua-Magic Residence permanent RV toilet.

“We’re really excited to introduce Aqua-Magic Residence to the marketplace,” said Mike Mesharer, Thetford’s director of sales, in a press release. “It’s a residential-sized RV toilet with contemporary style and homelike comfort, yet is still lightweight.”

The high-profile Residence features a comfortable, ADA-compliant 18-inch seating height to make sitting down and standing up easier. The high-profile model weighs only 9.5 pounds while the low-profile model weighs 8.25 pounds.

Residence also has a contemporary seat for optimal comfort. Its cover is strong enough to sit on and has a convenient built-in lift slot. Seat and cover can be easily removed for customizing.

Delivering a powerful flush, Residence provides superior bowl coverage and its ball valve wipes clean with every flush. The mechanism maximizes flush performance and eliminates potential trap issues.

Residence also provides single-pedal convenience. Users press the pedal halfway down to add water and all the way down to flush.

Mounting and connections are engineered for accessibility and quick installation. For added strength and durability while eliminating squeaks, the bowl and base are bonded together using polymer welding technology.

In addition to high and low profiles, Aqua-Magic Residence is available in white and bone colors.

For more information call (800) 543-1219 or (734) 769-6000 or visit


  1. says


    Thanks for your comments. Its good for people to see the different expirences folks have with aftermarket RV toilets. There is not nearly enough information available to make a easy decision.

  2. Bill A says

    I recently purchased the residential toilet to replace a Sealand/Dometic Model 300. The Sealand was a poor performer when it came to flushing solid waste.

    The Thetford does a great job flushing, but has an annoying creaking noise due to the poor design of the seat. The seat is also not replaceable by a standard round residential seat, because it is much wider than all the available seats.

    In contacting Thetford customer service, they were aware of the problem but acted pretty indifferent to the problem. Saying that even though it was a new model it was an entry level model and could not be expected to provide the performance of a $1000 toilet. There suggestion was to buy a different seat locally.

    I have a Thetford toilet in another RV and have been happy with it.

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