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One of the key aspects for any RV’er is the preparations that kick in as you stop moving that house on wheels and hunker down for the night. The first thing that seasoned RV’ers do is get to work leveling their RV. Leveling your RV is important for many reasons but the largest being that many of the features of your modern RV are designed to work in a “level” environment. If they are operated under other conditions it may cause excess wear and tear or perhaps they wont function at all.

There are debates about whether you need blocks or if you can rely on the stabilizers instead. Most of the technicians I speak with drive home the fact that stabilizers are for just that, stability. The blocks however are to create a sturdy and level foundation for your RV. Meaning that you need BOTH the stabilizers and the leveling blocks to properly setup your RV on a site. After arguing with a technician friend of mine about that very issue I conceded the victory to him because of all his “experience” and fancy “technical training” and he showed me this video below. That being said I thought this RV leveling video gives a great outline and tutorial as it speaks to that point.

How to Level Your Camper | Pete's RV Quick Tips (CC)


Items used in this video for proper RV leveling:

1. Camco 44573 RV Yellow Tri-Leveler

2. Camco 44412 RV Wheel Chock

3. Hopkins 08525 Graduated RV Level


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