RV Mod: Travel with Cat Box

RV MOD TRAVEL WITH CAT BOXTraveling with pets is something that many consider to be one of the pleasures of RV’ing, while others consider their significant others enough of a distraction. The more common of pets is of course the dog but there are others who choose to travel with cats and more specifically travel with cat boxes. There ar many ways to deal with the cat box. Some may choose to camouflage it into the decor, others choose to integrate it into the RV! This mod is one that is near and dear to any cat owners heart as travel with cat boxes is one of sporadic odors and difficulty with access. This mod changes all that.

Recently I discovered two examples of high quality RV mod solutions to the issue of travel with cat boxes.  As you can see in the pictures below both of these mods involve carving access holes in your rv walls so I hope you have your jig saw ready. Anyone who owns a cat knows how convenient and simple this RV mod makes being a cat lover on the road.

If there are any other great examples of this RV mod be sure to post links in the comments section!

Travel with Cat Box RV Mod Idea #1

This mod was discovered in the Heartland Owners Forum and was completed by Mike and Laurie out of southern California. They have 2 cats Jet and Piper who really enjoy their new privacy.

Source: Heartland Owners Forum

Travel with Cat Box RV Mod Idea #2

This RV Travel with Cat Box mod was found on RV-Boondocking-the-good-life.com and was specially designed for Bonnie the barn cat who travels with the owner of the site full time along with 2 dogs!

Source: www.rv-boondocking-the-good-life.com


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