RV Mods: Smart Tiles Self Adhesive Kitchen Tile Backsplash

My husband and I do this every year. It’s cold outside, we are dying to go camping, but instead we end up at the annual RV show in our area. Just to check out what’s new,right? I was actually looking to see what was new with the Big Country, which I really like. As we walked the length and breadth of our local arena, I kept noticing that all the 2013 models had this awesome glass tile in the kitchens. Except it wasn’t glass tile at all! It was a self-adhesive gel tile. After examining the product for what seemed like forever, I turned to my husband and gave him “the look”. Which in our marriage, is loosely translated as,”Oh, crap, she’s going to do another project!”

Smart Tiles: Bathroom Upgrades

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In all fairness, though, we have been looking for a back-splash for our kitchen for some time now. It’s not that I am particularly messy when I cook. But seeing these latest models with this tile product really got me motivated. I found exactly what I wanted at homedepot.com. The product is called Smart Tiles and is sold exclusively by homedepot.com.
Smart Tiles 1 - Piece 9.13 in x 10.25 in Peel and Stick Murano Dune Mosaik SM1035-1
We chose the “Dune Mosaic”, to match the dark brown and neutral tiles in our rig, but they do offer a number of different styles, which would compliment any decor. The items shipped very quickly and I was giddy with anticipation. I almost waited until the next day to start, but that is just not my style!We (I, let’s be real here) began by removing the wallpaper border on the wall we were working on. We just wanted the impact of one wall, so we did the wall behind the stove. At $9 a sheet (We purchased 12,whoa), these are not cheap, but the results will astound you. Removing the wall border wasn’t difficult, but in older rigs, it might be a problem. I suppose if you couldn’t get it off, this product would cover right over the wallpaper, but as you will see, a super-smooth surface is best. Our wallpaper left some adhesive residue, which turned out to be a good thing. The Smart Tiles are peel and stick and do allow for removing and re positioning,if necessary. I worked from left to right, bottom to top, cutting when needed with a sharp pair of scissors. This project probably took all of an hour, but most of that was spent with me just staring at my handiwork like an idiot. So here it is (drum roll,please)

RV Mods: Smart Tiles Self Adhesive Kitchen Tile Backsplash Mod – Results!

Some words of advice: If you are not particularly handy or crafty,give this project to your wife/girlfriend/daughter. Not to be sexist, but unless you spent the better part of your childhood cutting out Barbie paper dolls, you will suck at this and make an unholy mess of this project. But not to worry, when your significant other sees these little jewels arrive, they will snatch them from your hands anyway. Seriously, work methodically. I measured twice, then carefully peeled the backing away and when placing the tiles worked them up from the bottom up. Simply pressing them gently was all they needed. They overlap nicely as well. I used my excess to cut half tiles for the ends and top. All said, I am totally jazzed with this backsplash. It looks very high-end and custom residential. I would love to use this in the RV bathroom around the sink. Truthfully, I want to cover my whole house in these tiles. Smart Tiles clean with a damp cloth, come in a range of colors and are the perfect solution for RVs. Enjoy!

Full Inventory of Smart Tiles for your RV mods at Home Depot.com
SmartTiles Website

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