RV Power Outlet: Belkin Conserve Socket with Energy Saving Outlet

Power consumption is a concern for most RV’ers, particularly boon dockers or full-timers that dry camp in-between destinations. This handy device from Belkin can take your traditional RV power outlet and change the power profile on the devices attached to it. Primarily for use with a TV, it senses when the TV is turned off and in disconnects power from the devices attached to it that are complimentary to the TV like satellite, DVD player, stereo, etc. This device ensures that the power being drawn from your RV power outlet when the TV is not in use is absolutely minimal. A thoughtful addition of 2 power outlets that are unaffected by the auto disconnect feature are there for any devices that need to be connected full time to a power source like a DVR or TIVO.

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To setup the RV Power Outlet: Belkin Conserve Socket with Energy Saving Outlet

To start all you do is plug the “master device” into the green outlet (usually the TV) then follow up by plugging in all the additional components. As mentioned above there are two sockets that are unaffected by the power save feature and can be used for any of your devices that must be plugged in 24/7.

The RV Power Outlet: Belkin Conserve Socket with Energy Saving Outlet also serves as a surge protector for your valuable electronics while overlaying the power save functionality which gives it an added benefit.

In real life testing this RV power outlet accessory is very simple to operate. Once you have your TV plugged into it, turning off your TV instantly powers down all your devices connected to the RV power outlet except the ones which you have put in the 2 outlier plugs. When you turn the TV back on, all your devices power up. In a way its like a simple RV universal remote that also is a power saver.


Belkin Conserve Smart

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From the Manufacturer

The Belkin Conserve Smart AV Energy Saving Power Strip lets you control power to your whole entertainment system with the push of a button–your TV’s power button. The green colored Master Outlet senses when your TV is on or off and controls power to five peripheral outlets for your AV components. When you turn your TV off, power to the peripheral components goes off too–including standby power–so no energy is wasted.

F7C007 Conserve Smart AV Energy Saving Power Strip At a Glance:

  • Automatically turns off electronic equipment when you turn your TV off
  • 8 total outlets for VCRs, DVRs, game consoles, receivers, and more
  • Compatible with all TV brands
  • Master-Controlled Outlets lets you turn off power using only TV on/off button
  • 2 Not-Controlled Outlets for devices that need continuous power–like DVRs
  • 1-year limited warranty


Power Strip Turns Off When Your TV Turns Off

Leaving your home entertainment system devices on all the time can add up to $67 of wasted energy a year.** The Smart AV saves money and energy by cutting down on wasted power.

Saves Energy Automatically
The green-colored Master Outlet features detection technology that senses the power state of your device for maximum compatibility with a range of products. The Smart AV lets you control up to six different devices with your TV’s on/off power. It automatically shuts down Master-Controlled Outlets when the master device (e.g. your TV) is turned off, and then automatically powers up Master-Controlled Outlets when master device is turned on. This helps reduce wasted power to cut down on overall energy consumption in your home.

The Smart AV automatically turns off DVD players, VCRs, game consoles, receivers, subwoofers, and more when you turn your TV off, and it protects sensitive electronics from power spikes or surges with 1000 joules of surge protection.

Fast, Simple Set-Up
The Smart AV is quick to set up. Simply plug a “master” device–most likely a television or stereo amplifier– into the green Master Outlet. This master device will then control the five Master-Controlled Outlets, which are suitable for those devices, like DVD players VCRs and game consoles that do not require constant round-the-clock power. Cable/Satellite boxes, and DVRs, which need 24-hour power, should be plugged into one of the two dark gray Not-Controlled Outlets.

Space-Saving, Versatile Design
To save space, the Smart AV has a narrow footprint. Additionally, wall-mounting holes make it easy to place the surge protector behind furniture.


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