RV Solar Panels Roof Installation Overview

RV Solar panels

You don’t have to take it to this extreme….unless your into that.

RV Solar Panels Revisited

RV solar panels has been a hot topic of conversation ever since they came onto the scene. I don’t think they have caught on the way many had envisioned but recently I started revisiting the idea of adding them to my RV and found that understanding how the installation works being a good place to start. It turns out there is a lot of electrical wiring and equipment necessary but for you boon-dockers (you know who you are), otherwise known as people who don’t camp with power hookups and nicely poured concrete pads underneath them its a necessity. Have a look at the video below that goes through the general aspects of solar panel incorporation. Be sure to read on for a technicians recommendation of a solar panel.

RV Solar Panel Installation Overview

Watch this video on YouTube.

After having a conversation with technician who is a friend of mine it seems that RV solar panels have come a long way and they are producing more amps than ever with smaller and smaller footprints. He said there is a unit that puts out the most amps for its size and is built rock solid and should last a long time. Its made by a company called Go Power. The unit is only 40″x 20″ which is very compact in the RV solar world.  He shot me a link to it on Amazon.com and I posted it below. I also posted an thorough installation video if your curious on if you can take this on yourself.

Solar Panel Tutorial

Watch this video on YouTube.