RV Solar Panels Roof Installation Overview

RV Solar panels

You don’t have to take it to this extreme….unless your into that.

RV Solar Panels Revisited

RV solar panels has been a hot topic of conversation ever since they came onto the scene. I don’t think they have caught on the way many had envisioned but recently I started revisiting the idea of adding them to my RV and found that understanding how the installation works being a good place to start. It turns out there is a lot of electrical wiring and equipment necessary but for you boon-dockers (you know who you are), otherwise known as people who don’t camp with power hookups and nicely poured concrete pads underneath them its a necessity. Have a look at the video below that goes through the general aspects of solar panel incorporation. Be sure to read on for a technicians recommendation of a solar panel.

RV Solar Panel Installation Overview
Watch this video on YouTube.

After having a conversation with technician who is a friend of mine it seems that RV solar panels have come a long way and they are producing more amps than ever with smaller and smaller footprints. He said there is a unit that puts out the most amps for its size and is built rock solid and should last a long time. Its made by a company called Go Power. The unit is only 40″x 20″ which is very compact in the RV solar world.  He shot me a link to it on Amazon.com and I posted it below. I also posted an thorough installation video if your curious on if you can take this on yourself.

Solar Panel Tutorial
Watch this video on YouTube.

Link to the Owners Manual HERE

Go Power! 95-Watt RV Solar Panels Charger is a high efficiency monocrystalline panel on the market, which takes the suns rays and creates DC power to charge the batteries. This panel will even produce some charging power in overcast weather. This kit charges up to 5.45 Amps per hour of good sunlight and averages about 228 Amps per hour of charge in a week. This kit includes a 25 Amp digital solar regulator capable of handling up to 395-Watt of solar, all mounting hardware to mount the panel flat on the roof and 25 feet of UV resistant cable for wiring up the solar system as well as contains all instructions.

Expand your RV solar panels charging kit at anytime just by adding additional solar modules. Each Go Power! expansion kit includes a solar module, mounting hardware and expansion connections to quickly connect to the existing solar module on your RV roof. All Go Power! Solar Expansion kits are compatible with one another – using 80 watts or higher.

Expansion Kits are available in 80, 95 + 155 watts.

Features and Benefits:
95 Watts
5.5 Amps of charging power
25 amp digital solar regulator
16.3 lbs
40.8″ x 20.8″ x 1.8″
All wiring and mounting hardwire included
25-year warranty


  1. Ron Arthur says

    I purchased 2 120 Watt Solar panels w/2 6 volt batteries & controller 5 years ago at a cost of $4200.00.
    There were no instructions or conversations from the dealer or installer. Here comes research. We were parked full time in a beautiful shaded spot, much to my disappointment the charging system was not working, so I would use my generator 2 hrs. a day. One weekend we drove to another spot & lo & behold the charging was spectacular, so lesson learned.

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