School Bus to RV Conversion from an Old Yellow Bus


School Bus RV Conversion Finished Exterior

So there is a school bus sitting in a junkyard and would you look at it and see a fantastic RV conversion opportunity? Would you see a bus that was originally built for 75 Passengers with a GVWR 30,000 lbs. Would you notice the 100K miles on it or that originally came from Montrose, NY.

School Bus RV Conversion Bathroom

Finished Bathroom

Would you grab the tape measure to find out that the dimensions are 35′ x 7.5′ x 6.5′. What about the fact that its worth about $2000, mostly in scrap I presume. If your like me even with those facts at hand I still would just see an old bus….

A gentleman by Jake von Slatt saw something completely different and set out on a low budget, earth friendly journey to turn this old bus into fully functional RV. What a RV conversion it is. Aside from the photos above he documented in great detail most of his work throughout the project which you can find at his blog

School Bus RV Conversion Finished Kitchen

Finished Kitchen

If your interested in trying a school bus RV conversion of your own, Jake has put up a great guide on his site listing the tools you will need, how to prepare, and even a copy of his floor plan.

He also posted additional photos for your viewing pleasure and a further documentation at

School Bus RV Conversion Finished Bedroom

Finished Master Bed

Picture Gallery of the serious Big Yellow Bus RV Conversion. 

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  1. Don Spinney says

    How would you recommend attaching sleepers to the floor to install plywood and a hard wood floor?

  2. Heather says

    Hello! We are on our way to purchase a school bus and convert it into a home for some upcoming travels. I have some questions in regards to the plumbing and electrical. What did you guys do? Also, aside from campgrounds, do you happen to know of different areas that would allow us to stay the night?


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