Sell a RV: Tips for Selling in RV Classifieds


So you are thinking it is time to put your rig for sale in RV classifieds? Very common, but where do you start? Many make the decision to trade in their existing RV for another making the process simple. Though more often than not you could have gotten a better price for your RV by selling it yourself in RV classifieds. Not to mention that selling your RV yourself can be your only option if your not able to trade it in for some reason.


We have arrived in the digital age where most things are discovered and marketed online. RV’s are no different these days. The best approach for many is listing their RV on one or more of the RV classifieds, RV auction sites, or RV message boards. This gives you by far the largest amount of eyes on your RV and the best chance for a fair price from a suitable buyer.

The Most Notable RV Classifieds

First you need to decide which service or website you will utilize. Some of the most popular are Ebay, RV Trader,, Craigslist, and RV Online among countless others. You always have the option of using traditional print classifieds as well if you prefer. These tips will work for either!

Tips to Follow When Writing your Classifieds Ad

1. Don’t write like your selling to a group on a boardwalk in the roaring 20’s. Imagine your talking with someone face to face when your setting the tone for your RV ad.
2. Pay extra special attention to the Title/Headline of your RV ad. It’s the equivalent of the first impression.
3. Unless using traditional print classifieds, a lack of space is no longer a concern. Try to keep abbreviations to a minimum. The exception is for the Title/Headline which will have limited space.
4. Define what types of payment you will accept from the get go. Checks, Money Orders, Cash Down, Paypal, Credit Cards, etc.
5. Be thorough in the description of your RV. Generally the more information the better. Try to highlight the most compelling features deemed by the general RV marketplace, not your personal views (Generator, Awning,Pop-outs, Technology, Appliances, Storage, Solar Panels,  etc.).
6. Explain why you are selling your RV. Easily the most common question asked by buyers.
7. Don’t forget the simple stuff: Make, Model, Year, Mileage, Engine, Type, and Length.
8. Avoid CAPS LOCK WHEN WRITING YOUR AD. Most people are turned away by CAPS.
9. List the Price. Sounds obvious but those who don’t will find a drastically lower response rate. Don’t over price, that will only drive buyers away if its not competitive. Also make sure to list your negotiating terms if you have any. If not , say so in the listing.
10. Spend some time formatting your ad making it easy to read. This is especially useful when your ad appears with many others. If you don’t have a rare RV that people love then pay special attention to this tip.
11. Disclose the Maintenance or lack there of you have done.
12. It doesn’t hurt to spend a little extra on listing fees. This typically means more exposure which equates to several times the number of potential buyers that can see your listing.
13. If you get a lot of questions on your listing, its good, but it also may mean that you didn’t give enough detail. Think about all the potential buyers that didn’t contact you.
14. Honesty is the best policy, misleading someone wont help you or the buyer in the end.

Less than Perfect RV Classifieds Ad Example

  • Needs More Photos (Interior, Exterior, Storage Areas, etc)
  • Not enough description
  • Potential Buyer HAS TO call in order to find out if they are even interested. Wastes buyers and your time.


BETTER  RV Classifieds Ad Example

  • Several Photos
  • Thorough Description that is well formatted
  • Lists out options, sleeping capacity, etc
  • Buyer should know if they are interested and possibly be ready to make an offer after reading through it.


RV Classifieds List of Abbreviations (For Headlines or Descriptions)





Air Conditioninga/cMiles Per GallonMPG
AttentionAttn.Or Best OfferOBO
Before Noona.m.Powerpwr
BuildingBldg.Recreational VehicleRV
CylindercylTravel TrailerTT
Doordr.Fifth Wheel5th
Floorfl.Tow VehicleTV
For Examplei.e.Weekendwknd
States2 Letter Format (MI, TX, GA, etc)
Days of WeekMon, Tue, Wed, Thur, Fri, Sat, Sun
Weight1k for 1,000 - Pounds (lbs)

Sellin with RV Classifieds Wrap Up:

We collectively have sold dozens of RV’s over the years through auctions, classifieds, dealer trades, and brokers. It is a process that very few probably enjoy but is unfortunately a necessary evil. With proper planning and care with your classified RV ad, you can ensure the least taxing experience possible. These ideas and concepts are time tested by RV dealers, brokers, and individuals. Using these principles will hopefully connect you with qualified buyers that are ready to discuss purchasing your RV so you can buy another or spend the money on a different toy!

If your in “sell a rv” mode and have additional ideas or thoughts, please share them with everyone below in the comments section!

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