Meet the Shachagra: Incredible Custom Motorhome Built on a $100k Chassis

custom-motorhome-built-8Building a motorhome or any RV for that matter from the chassis up is a phenomenal undertaking. After we showcased the DIY fifth wheel project, we weren’t sure we would ever see anything quite like it any time soon. Custom motorhomes are fairly common, but there aren’t many custom built by every day people from the ground up. This custom built motorhome from Doug and Stefani Cuthbert called the “Shachagra” is a incredible example of just that. For starters it was built on a brand new $100,0000 International Truck Chassis if that gives a clue to the budget for this one of a kind motorhome. Doug has prior experience building boats which helped in the process. In four months time, Doug took a pile of wood, two 55 gallon drums of epoxy, and a International truck chassis and turned it into one of the most impressive custom home built motorhomes ever seen.

The reason for the custom built motorhome was as good as reasons can get. Doug, a former US Navy commander and his wife Stefani were going to take their family on a year and a half long road trip over 20,000 miles and to 22 countries throughout Europe. What is a better way to do that than to custom build a motorhome then ship it across the Atlantic Ocean? If there was a better way the Cuthbert’s didn’t seem to mind.

The Shachagra Custom Motorhome

The Shachagra weighs 31,000lbs(the chassis is rated up to 52,000lbs) fully loaded and is 36’ long and over 8’ wide. It stands at its tallest almost 13’ with a unique use of space. Everything with exception of the chassis was done custom by hand. It utilizes a unique floor plan (see it here) that offers a upper gallery with cabins for sleeping on the bottom. Coincidently, just like a ship in the Navy. It holds over 200 gallons of diesel plus has an additional 70 gallon tank for all the interior trimmings. It uses diesel to power the heating system, fireplace, and stove. It has a state of the art solar array on the roof that keep a Lifeline battery bank at the ready. The Shachagra has 3 stage water filter system that connects to a trio of water tanks that hold 360 gallons of fresh water collectively. Needless to say this rig has more than the most custom motorhomes.

Apparently when Doug Cuthbert builds custom motorhomes he also includes some creature comforts such as Vacuflush toilet, fire extinguishers in each “cabin”, a hot tub, 72 liter water heater, washer/dryer, and a holding bay for their Vespa scooter.

In the end Doug’s custom motorhome was built in 4 months for around $175,000 from the information we gathered. Surprisingly low in our opinion, but after seeing the cost savings that Chad was able to achieve on his custom built fifth wheel, it seems to make sense.

See much more about the Shachagra custom motorhome, additional photos(requires registration) and commentary from Doug at the ExpeditionPortal Forums or at the Shachagra Flickr Page