Vintage RV: Restored 1971 Layton Travel Trailer

A 24ft 1971 Layton Trailer. The 70’s don’t seem that long ago yet a quick Google search for a Vintage RV from Layton in this era yields surprisingly little results. This shows not only how vintage this travel trailer is but also that it’s a rare RV as well. Speaking of search, I found out a little about the history of Layton. Layton happened to get its origins in Elkhart , IN in 1951 and was started by a guy named Julius Decio. They began as a mobile home manufacturer and moved on to RV’s as a diversification tool for their business. They are still involved in both manufactured housing and RV’s to this very day. But, I digress.

Vintage RV: Restored 1971 Layton Travel Trailer Photos:

It turns out this 1971 Layton vintage RV was for sale in 2011 for the small sum of $3800 which we think is a incredible value given the work that has been put into this travel trailer. We are talking not only aesthetics, but this Layton also has a working heater. For a vintage RV that’s now 42 years old to have that plus two fully functioning RV sinks with hot and cold water is a feat of its own.

As you can see from the photos the exterior and interior were painstakingly restored into like new condition. I am no vintage RV guru, but much of the interior seems to be original. The fridge certainly has some age if its not. The appliances and fixtures look age appropriate as well. The air conditioner however has been updated. We wont hold that against as air conditioning was just coming into the mainstream when this restored vintage RV was rolling off the line. The toilet and bathroom fixtures have been replaced which are expected given the age. Of course the roof must have been sealed who knows how many times over the years.

The Layton vintage RV is a work of art in its own right and features a kitchen dinette that breaks down and a pull down bed above the king bed in the back of the trailer. Its incredible to look at the features of this vintage RV and compare it to the more modern versions. Not much has really changed. With the exception of a more space friendly floor plan today’s RV’s are built on the same idea as these vintage RV units that are more than 40 years old.

At $3800, they had my money. It’s a shame we are only finding out about it now. Every time I lay eyes on a vintage RV it reminds me of the reason there is so much enjoyment derived from RV’ing. Just like when I was a kid and could have stumbled into this 1971 Layton with the same type of glare that I have right now. Its about family, fun, and freedom for me, how about you?