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10 RV Pet Tips for Your Next Camping Trip

RV Pet Tip for Camping

Our pets have a way of becoming some of our closest companions and they go everywhere with us, even in our RV’s. Having pets presents a unique challenge given all the care necessary to keep their furry lives fruitful.


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Below is a collection of random RV pet tips that were submitted by readers Chit and Dale. They have been traveling in their RV’s with pets for a collective 30+ years and were nice enough to share some of the pet oriented nuggets of wisdom they have picked up along the way.



The List:  10 RV Pet Tips for Your Next RV Trip

1. RV Pet Tips: Use a 5 hook key rack on the side of a cabinet or wall. It makes a great place for for leashes, flashlight and poo baggie tube holder.

Bonus: Article on how to make your own key rack from old keys



2. RV Pet Tips: Use a 3M hook for the same purpose. Alternatively you can place it outside on the side of your RV or any outdoor equipment.



3. RV Pet Tips: Place poo baggies in a grocery bag; you can carry it easy on a long walk. It fits in your pocket easily until needed.



4. RV Pet Tips: Upon arrival check campsite and perimeter reach of the tie up leash to make sure no bones, garbage, etc are in the area that pets can get hurt by. Previous campers often leave items behind.



5. RV Pet Tips: Re-purpose old zip bags to pick up poo. Turn them inside out first then zip up for easy clean up. The best part is, there is no smell!




6. RV Pet Tips: Use a non skid bath mat with elevated 2 bowl holder to stop bowls sliding around at feeding time. It also protects against water damage to carpet and floors. The mat cleans easy in the washer and dryer.


7. RV Pet Tips: Collapsible carriers are a must for most pets (size of dog may make it unreasonable). New sounds and smells in the RV make them uneasy. It’s a safe place, especially if your gone awhile. They will stay off furniture, won’t tear up your blinds, or make a mess. Thankfully, dogs don’t normally relieve themselves where they sleep.



8. RV Pet Tips: Bring their dog beds from home if possible. Familiar home smells helps with the transition and they will be more comfortable. Don’t forget their favorite toys!



9. RV Pet Tips: Use Swiffer dust cloths to get dry dirt, pollen and grass off the fur before they go into the RV for the night.




10. RV Pet Tips: For Cats: put down high traffic sticky carpet protector on carpets around the litter box. Keeps the litter out of the carpet (and clean from their feet).


Bonus Tip:


When we aren’t using the motorhome for a while,  I put a bounce dryer sheet under the comforter to help keep it smelling fresh after its washed and put it back on the RV bed. I also keep one in the cabinet where the towels and linens are.

If you have any RV pet tips that you find helpful that aren’t listed here be sure to submit them below in the comments section!


7 thoughts on “10 RV Pet Tips for Your Next Camping Trip”

  1. Our dogs shed A LOT, we have used lots of things to keep the fur out from under the slideouts. Best and easiest so far are the round stuffed draft shields for doors.

  2. How do folks, AKA “cat staff”, make sure there is adequate ventilation while keeping the cat from pushing out the window screens?

    And, how about the windows in the driver/passenger area? I am thinking of using a roller blind and replacing the fabric with specialized window screening meant for pet resistance, that is stronger. But I have not figured out how to secure the sides of the pull-down window screens.

    Also, Since the area around the door of the MH is usually not that spacious, what have folks figured out for keeping the cat from shooting through the open door while the cat staff are coming in or going out the door?

    Thanks to all and to all a nice “meeooOOOw”

    Cat mom to Vanya

  3. Do you save plastic grocery bags? How about the paper roll after all the paper towels are used? I re-use these as doggie poop bags/carrier. I stuff the first plastic bag in the paper roll, and loop the plastic handle of the bag to the bottom of another bag as I stuff the bags in the paper roll. I stuff three to four bags in a roll with the last plastic bag’s handle sticking out. When it comes time to use a bag I pull it out of the roll and since the bags are looped a fresh one pops up ready to use. Get the idea? I have these where ever I can store them in the RV inside or outside. A common ritual before a trip is to stuff doggie rolls!

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