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1970 Shasta LoFlyte Renovation, Great Things Come in Small Packages

Finding the time and money to fix up a RV doesn’t come easy. For many here at DoItYourselfRV it is certainly the money not the time that is lacking! So you could forgo your aspirations of renovating your very own RV or you could perhaps start small by choosing a RV that wont take as much resources to complete. In this case a RV’er by the name of John Morgan decided on this 1970 Shasta LoFlyte renovation. For starters, this travel trailer is only 16’ long making it one of the smaller travel trailers available. But what it lacks in size it makes up for in nostalgia and charm.

1970 Shasta LoFlyte Renovation BEFORE



1970 Shasta LoFlyte Renovation DURING


John essentially gutted the interior of the Shasta LoFlyte and began rebuilding it from the frame along with a few exterior improvements. The following is a consolidated list of the work completed:



1970 Shasta LoFlyte Renovation AFTER


When you look over the before, during and after photos on this Shasta LoFlyte renovation, it is clear that this was not a simple nor low cost project. Even so, the total time and money associated with a 16 footer is just a fraction of a larger trailer or motorhome. As for the results, we think it speaks for itself. We can’t be the only ones who would enjoy have a smaller RV like this around to tinker with right?

You can see many more photos and information regarding this 1970 Shasta LoFlyte Renovation at John Morgan’s website.