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1972 GMC Motorhome Becomes Flash Gordon Motorhome

Then was transformed into this amazing driving work of art.

We stumbled on this incredible custom RV project that the creator calls the “The Decoliner”. The creator is Randy Grubbs, who is a perpetual savant when it comes to custom vehicles. His name brands his creations under a brand he calls Blastolene. He has developed many custom projects and seen them through to fruition. He has examples using a Harley Davidson motorcycle and even a tank car he built for Jay Leno . But this seems to be his only RV. His vision was that of Flash Gordon’s Motorhome. He started with a plain 1972 GMC Motorhome and blended it with a 1955 White Motor Company model 3000 cab-over-engine trash truck creating one incredible shiny masterpiece. It has a polished aluminum shell with a flying bridge and driving station as well as room for 5 passengers on the roof.


Additional Photos

Video Overview of The 1972 GMC Motorhome Conversion


You can see dozens more photos on the 1972 GMC Motorhome Decoliner from Randy Grubbs on his website. If you have the time you should also browse through his other projects he has on showcase. Randy likes to refer to himself as an “automotive artist”, we think it is fair to say he has earned that title. What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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