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2014 RV Gifts Guide: A Little Something For Everyone

This post was updated on April 19th, 2024


We’ve put together a list of RV gifts that range from old favorites to a little “out there”.

Young or old, big or small, you’ll find something for everyone on our RV gift’s list. We’ve separated the gifts into spending limits to make sorting through them simpler.

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If you can’t find the perfect item you’re looking for, let us know and we’ll try to track it down for you.

RV Gifts $10 and Under

rv-gifts-water-banditCamco Water Bandit  – This handy tool connects to a hose that may have a faulty faucet. It stops unnecessary leaks from faucets that are warped, unthreaded or stripped. You’ll find a lot of these leaky faucets at campgrounds and RV parks (well, maybe not at these campgrounds and RV parks). A great tool for around the rig and one of our favorite RV gifts. Cost: $5

rv-gifts-awning-lightsAwning Lights – These functional and decorative RV accessories come in a variety of prices, but entry level lights can be had for under $10. You could also spend as much as $100 for higher quality awning lights with hooks. As far as RV gifts go, this one is a sure bet. Cost: Starting at $7

rv-gifts-cookbookRV Cookbook – For the foodie in your life. RV cook books are popular as they’re chock-full of recipes that are proven to save you time and hassle while cooking on the road.  Take the thinking out of figuring out what to cook every meal. Cost: Starting at $3

rv-gifts-quakeholdQuakehold! Museum Putty Neutral – Things tend to move around inside your RV. Most folks remove everything off the flat surfaces before even moving across the street. This neat gift can stop your things from shuffling around. The putty sticks to the bottom of your items and keeps things where you put them. Best part is, it’s reusable and removable. Cost: $5

rv-gifts-magica-fireMystical Fire Campfire and Fireplace Colorant – These fun little packets add bright and untraditional colors to your campfire. They can be used both outdoors on a campfire and inside with a fireplace. You’ll see a full range of colors from purple, to green, to yellow. It makes a great gift for people with kids, as the kids probably have never seen anything like this before. Cost: Starts at $6 for a pack of 3

RV Gifts $50 and Under

rv-gifts-walkie-talkieWalkie Talkies (Two Way Radios) – Handy gift to keep around your RV. Great for communicating with someone who has stepped out of the RV and may be across the park. Backing into a space is a breeze with your co-pilot watching with one of these. Also helpful at rallies, events, and when in two separate parts of a campground. Cost: Start at $20

rv-gifts-weather-stationWireless Weather Station with Atomic Clock – Sure you could use your smartphone, but these devices tend to be much more personalized and accurate. In addition, they offer much more information than any single website, such as humidity, atomic time, and moon phase. Cost: Around $40

rv-gifts-digital-frameDigital Photo Frame – These make great RV gifts that people of any age can enjoy. Bundle this with some of the Quakehold Museum Putty we mentioned above and you can have this sitting nearly anywhere in the RV. People can take their entire photo collections on the road! Cost: Start Around $30

HDE® Temrv-gifts-tempperature Gun Infrared Thermometer w/ Laser Sight – This is one of those tools that you catch yourself with just wandering around and pointing at things. Before you know it an hour is gone! It’s just so neat. Great for food preparation, monitoring the temperature of your engine compartment, and checking tire temperature. Cost: $25

rv-gifts-jabraJabra CRUISER 2 Bluetooth In-Car Speakerphone – When you are flying down the road with your drink in one hand and steering wheel in the other, the last thing you need is to hold your phone to your face. This device changes all that. Slip it on your visor in your tow vehicle or motorhome and you now can talk hands fee and even switch between call. It also has a feature that will tell you who is calling so you don’t even need to look down at your phone. Cost: $50

RV Gifts $100 and Under

Amazon Kindle E-Readerrv-gifts-kindle – If your special person doesn’t own a tablet or iPad already then you might consider gifting them this device. The Kindle is one of the best values on our RV gifts list. It has access to thousands of books on nearly every topic imaginable. Some of the more feature-rich models can play games and surf the web as well. Cost: Starting at $69

rv-gifts-wheel-chocksFastWay One Step Wheel Chocks – Folks rave about how handy these chocks are. They’re the fastest and easiest to use out of all chocks – or so the company claims. But many RVers agree. If you have more than one axle on your RV these are worth looking into. See more at FastWayTrailer.comCost: $85 for 2

FlagPole Buddyrv-gifts-flag-buddy – No need to climb your ladder to put out your flag. The Flagpole Buddy promises to be the safest and simplest way to deploy a flag. It’s been tested against strong winds and rain and mounts easily to any ladder or flat surface. Once installed the 12 foot flag pole extends with just a twist. Choose from 16 or 22 foot modelsCost: $100

RV Gifts: Money is No Object (Hah!)

rv-gifts-switch-hitchSwift Hitch SH01 Portable Wireless Camera System – If you have a towable RV the Swift Hitch is a no-brainer. It’s a wireless camera system that makes hitching any trailer a cinch. Place the camera on the back of your vehicle, then turn on the receiver in the truck and you can see everything your bumper sees! Cost: $199

rv-gifts-dysonDyson DC34 Hand-held Vacuum – Dyson makes great vacuums, there’s really no arguing that. The DC34 is a compact handheld version that makes it easy to store in an RV. It’s got unmatched suction and reliability. You can even grab a set of cordless tool attachments which greatly add to its usefulness! Cost: $200

rv-gifts-gpsRV GPS – Always a popular gift because of just how convenient these devices are. They take special routing considerations for RV’s, have RV park and campground information, and can even calculate fuel economy. A wonderful gift for any RV’er. You can read our review on RV GPS units for choosing the right model. Cost: Varies, Top Models Start around $200

rv-gifts-shower-headKOHLER Moxie Showerhead and Wireless Speaker – Most people don’t pay much attention to their RV shower head. If they do they’re looking for something cheap and functional. But what about the people out there that might enjoy some tunes in the shower? This showerhead lets you listen to music while it sips a respectable 2 gallons a minute. One of the most cutting-edge RV gifts on our list. Cost: $149

Dirt Devil CV1500 central vacuum cleanerDirt Devil CV1500 Central Vacuum Cleaner – Stop killing your back when you clean you RV. With this Dirt Devil central vacuum cleaner you won’t have to carry a heavy vacuum again. Installs easily in under an hour. Read more hereCost: $295

We hope you found a few RV gifts here that will put a smile on your special someone’s face. 🙂

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, let us know and we’ll try to track it down for you.

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