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How To Install The 360 Siphon Fume Extractor And Eliminate RV Holding Tank Odors For Good

Stock holding tank vents can cause odors and fumes to backdraft into your RV’s living quarters. Although you could use chemicals to minimize holding tank gases, that gets expensive. Why not try a simple mechanical solution instead?

The 360 Siphon replacement holding tank cap by 360 Products replaces the stock vent camp on your RV’s holding tank. Its patented design creates a low pressure area just outside of the tank, pulling odors and waste gases out of your gray and black water tanks.

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As far as do it yourself mods go, this one isn’t too difficult. The kit comes with a roll of butyl tape, and you might have to drill a few holes into the top of your tank to seat the vent correctly. Many RVers have installed two of these vents, one on the black tank and one on the gray tank.

Installation of the 360 Siphon fume extractor by

Original video by awboater.

It seems like something so simple wouldn’t be effective in eliminating tank odors. When I first saw this, I thought it surely must have a fan inside, but nope it’s just the plastic shape that does the trick. After doing some more research, I found that you only need a breeze of 2.5 mph for this device to work!


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