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43′ Motorhome Gets Stuck Trying To Turn Off Of A Too-Small Road

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GPS units help us out in many ways. They’ll help you avoid traffic jams, rapidly find the fastest route to your destination, and alert you to any ongoing road construction projects.

What they won’t do however, is tell you if there’s a good chance you’re going to high center your huge Class A motorhome on the side of a narrow asphalt road.

The driver of this diesel pusher followed his GPS unit’s (bad) instructions and turned onto a side road. He quickly realized his mistake, and while attempting to make a U-turn bottomed out and got stuck.


You’ve got to have some steely nerves to drive a big Class A on narrow roads like these. The motorhome owner was so nonchalant about the whole process – you could tell he’s done this once or twice before. His actions might just be forgivable though, since the tow truck driver did the same thing in the same spot!

Original video by Hill Auto Body & Towing

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