RV roof repair

RV Roof Repair 101 “How to” Fix a Leak

Just like death and taxes, it’s a fact of life that RV’s don’t last forever. More specifically, the integrity of an RV’s roof doesn’t last forever. Over time, the rubber roof coating that’s on many RV’s will deteriorate, often resulting in unwanted water intrusion into your RV’s living quarters. If you don’t fix these small…

Winnebago Chieftain interior

RV Renovation on a Winnebago Chieftain Interior

If you’re struggling to decide how to renovate your RV, it can help to see before and after pictures of remodeled RV interiors. One of the big considerations when redoing an RV’s interior, is what color to paint the cabinetry. It seems many folks these days are opting for a more modern look and repainting kitchen…

Thetford Aqua Magic Residence

Thetford Launches Residential-Sized RV Toilet Called The Aqua Magic Residence

It’s always a pain (literally) using most RV toilets. I’ve been waiting for a lightweight, full-sized toilet for quite some time. Finally, Thetford has come out with a larger model for big and tall RVers to purchase. The initial reviews on this thing look pretty good. I’m taller at 6’5″, and the size of normal…

travel trailer renovation

Great Travel Trailer Renovations Project: 2 Part Series

Renovating a travel trailer isn’t for the faint of heart. Making even a small modification to a newer trailer takes guts. While many folks would have written off this old four-wheeled camper long ago, Billy saw potential. The trailer had a leak in the roof and “…had been sitting for a long time.” He said nobody…

Converter upgrade


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