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Watch This Abandoned 1955 Volkswagen Get Rescued From The French Alps

For over 40 years, this 1955 Volkswagen Panel Van sat abandoned in a valley of the French Alps. It wasn’t until a mushroom picker discovered the bus and remembered its location 15 years later to share with Youtube user Florian George.

By September 2016, the van had become degraded, rusted, and covered in spider webs. Florian did a bit of research and was able to track down the land owner and buy the VW from him only a day later.

abandoned volkswagen
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With the van now in his possession, Florian called up his friends for help and replacement parts. They were able to restore it right there on-site and drive it all the way back down the mountains.

Luckily for us, Florian and his friends documented the whole process and produced it into this short 13-minute film below. For the best quality, make sure to adjust the settings to 1080p HD:

What an incredible find and restoration. I especially loved the view through the window as they were driving it back down. I wish I could score a sweet forgotten VW like this!

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