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How To Add Extra Insulation To Your RV To Survive A Frigid Canadian Winter

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It wasn’t just luck that allowed Alex and Marta to survive a harsh Alberta winter in their 45-year-old RV. They added a bunch of insulation, both hidden and exposed, to keep the inside of their vintage Class C motorhome cozy and livable during even the coldest of winter nights.

Wayne, their RV, got a healthy dose of extra foam board insulation, Reflectix, window plastic, and even some padding added to the floor. See how they made the critical improvements in the video below.

Original video by Wanderlust Vanlife

Wow, those screwed clamps are an ingenious idea. While they used Tuck Tape on the wood, you might be able to use painter’s tape or Gaffer’s tape so you won’t ruin the finish.

The gaffer’s tape has a fabric backing and an adhesive that allows for easier removal without damaging the surface on which it’s applied.

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