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Learn Why The Air-Dryr Prevents Condensation And Mold – It’s Not How You Think

Nothing ruins an RV faster than water damage. To prevent moisture from destroying your RV, you should make sure to reduce or eliminate condensation whenever possible.

This highly-rated (and inexpensive) product just amazed me when I first came across it.

Made by Davis Instruments, the Air-Dryr isn’t technically a dehumidifier as it doesn’t reduce the amount of humidity in the air. Instead, the unit warms the air above its dew point, prevent the insidious effects of condensation, like mold and water damage.

How to Operate the Air-Dryr Dehumidifer

A normal dehumidifier works by removing moisture from the air.

The Air-Dryr heats the air to keep the moisture from condensing out and onto windows and cold surfaces in your camper.

Simply place the device on the floor of your RV and plug it in to a 110 V outlet. There’s no moving parts, and you don’t need to change out the water bucket like on a normal dehumidifier. Plus, it only draws 1.1 amps.


It’s designed for 24 hour operation, and according to one camper, makes a pretty good foot heater,

We love ours so much that we purchased another as a gift for a friend. We use this in our motorhome to keep the pipes from freezing in the winter, keep the moisture down and keep our toes warm while camping. Uses very little electricity, just warm enough and no worries about fire hazard. Wouldn’t hesitate to buy again.

There’s no on/off button. When you plug in the the power cord, the unit turns on. As the filament inside heats the air, the warmed air leaves the top, while cool air gets pulled in from the bottom.

You can choose from two sizes, one that covers up to 500 cubic feet of living space, or a larger model that works well in spaces up to 1,000 cubic feet.

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  1. But what about it being HOT and humid? That’s my problem in the summer and I don’t think I’d like adding more heat via this hot air dehumidifier.

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