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The Art of Japanese Van Dwelling. Custom Cabinets, Inlaid Ceiling, and Tatami Mats.

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I’ve never seen anything like this van camper. It’s a standard size Japanese mini-van, but Japanese minivans are much smaller than American ones.

The owner thought about building it for a year, and the actual construction took 10 months. It took so long because he could only work on it during his vacation days and on weekends. (Japanese workers usually only get 1-2 weeks of vacation per year, and often work 6 days a week)

He doesn’t live out of it full-time, and only uses it on short trips.

One thing I noticed missing was the bed. But he probably sleeps directly on the tatami mats using a futon. A tatami mat is a two to three inch thick pad made of a specific type of woven straw. The futon is similar to a mattress pad made of foam.

Some Japanese don’t sleep in beds, but rather on futons that are placed directly on the floor!

I lived in Japan for two years, got married there, and travel back about once a year. It’s an awesome place – very clean, safe, and the transportation system is the most efficient in the world.

Look at the style and craftsmanship of the cabinets and the inlaid ceiling. He even hung a framed picture on the wall!

If you didn’t know this was the inside of a van, you’d think it was a room in an actual Japanese house!



I’m glad the owner decided to make a video tour of his van. I wouldn’t have believed him if I didn’t see it!

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