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This Audacious Dynamik Tev Closely Resembles The Harmon Shadow Fifth Wheel Trailer

We recently showed you a surprising fifth wheel camper meant to hitch to the top of a compact car. It was developed in the 1970s, and while a few videos have turned the trailer into an Internet sensation, the design never saw much commercial success.

It seems people just can’t let go of the idea of hitching a fifth wheel to the top of its tow vehicle though.

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Hailed as, “A Trailing Design for the New Millenium,” the Dynamic Tev was an attempt to better the proven fifth wheel trailer design.

The fifth wheel camper used a hitch similar in style to the original Harmon Shadow, but this time it was designed for a large Suburban rather than a compact car.

See a demo video of the Dynamik Tev below.



While the idea looks interesting, it might suffer from the same problems as the Harmon Shadow. Still, the limiting factor might be the structural integrity of the tow vehicle rather than the camper or hitch itself.

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