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Avoid These 7 Dumb Mistakes New RVers Make. #4 Could Be A Catastrophe. [VIDEO]

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Ray Burr shares his passion for RVing through his website Love Your RV. In this video, he shows new RVers how to avoid some of the mistakes he made when he and his wife started traveling in their Keystone Cougar fifth wheel. Even if you’re a seasoned traveler, Ray’s tips will help keep you and your rig safe and sound.



Tip #5 is a great reminder. You can never be too sure you’ve emptied your fridge all the way. It’s also important to park on a level surface as RV refrigerators can be faked out and even catch fire if they’re left on while tilted. Check out Ray’s Love Your RV Facebook page and watch his other video on “5 Stupid Things I Have Done To Damage My RV” at this link.

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1 thought on “Avoid These 7 Dumb Mistakes New RVers Make. #4 Could Be A Catastrophe. [VIDEO]”

  1. Mistake I made. Used sections of 2×6 to level my old 24 foot motorhome. One cracked and had a small nail that had been driven into the side of the 2×6. Was lucky to see the nail just in time to avoid damaging a 200 dollar tire. Could have created a real problem as we were camping in a remote location.

    Also be respectful of other campers. I parked the van on the back of the rv pad. The next day I realized it was blocking the neighbors otherwise breathtaking view of the sunrise. Pulling the van forward 30 feet opened up the view from their campfire and picnic table area.

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