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Back Up RV Camera: Best Options and Reviews

This post was updated on March 15th, 2024

What is the Best RV Backup Camera

When it comes to finding the best RV camera system,  it is important that we recognize that every RV’ers needs are different. Some will find cost as the motivating factor, others features, and some just simplicity. So we will outline three buyer profiles that we think many RV’ers will fall under.

1. THE BEST RV backup Camera for Overall Simplicity and Value

We think that the majority of RV’ers fall within this profile, most of us here at DoItYourselfRV sure do. These RV back up camera systems offer the simplest installation with a minimal headaches. They also offer high quality components that are made to last and function rain or shine.


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Wired – Rear View Safety RVS-770613, there is also a version for travel trailers and fifth wheels that includes a quick connect/disconnect accessory for simple use when a permanent cable cannot be ran. This RV camera system from Rear View Safety offers a high quality camera with night vision and is easily upgradable if you would like to add additional cameras. It offers audio so that you can HEAR and see what is going on behind you. Overall a great RV backup camera system and one that many we know use. There are available packages with TWO or THREE cameras as well. Great video on YouTube of how to install this Rear View RV camera system.

Wireless – Rupse Backup Camera System with 7” LCD, users still report hit or miss results with this wireless camera just not as frequently. This RV camera system uses higher quality components and should offer a far superior experience to the entry level version we linked to above from Peak. At this price point we still encourage a wired installation over wireless if it is an option.


2. THE BEST Entry Level RV Backup Camera

When purchasing solely on the basis of cost, there are a few considerations to make along the way. Most lower end RV cameras typically are marketed to ALL VEHICLES not just RV’s. This means that they tend not to be engineered for the long distance between the camera and the video monitor. Commonly you may have to purchase additional cable to span the distance as most kits don’t come with enough for RV’s. Wireless RV camera systems in the lower end are not of high quality for the most part and its our opinion that you should steer clear of them unless you have a understanding of wireless transmission frequencies and connection strength.

Wired – Pyle PLCM7700 with 7” LCD

The RV camera kit from Pyle is one of the most popular sellers for anyone who is cost conscious. For the cost, it offers excellent value both in image quality and the quality of the components. Most RV’ers who install this unit find that they buy additional cable as the supplied amount is not enough for a RV. They also find that upgrading to higher quality weatherproof camera module, like this, is worthwhile.

Wireless – Peak PKC0RB Wireless Back-Up Camera System

As mentioned before, low end wireless RV back up cameras are hit or miss. This unit from Peak is no different, though it supports the best reviews for low cost wireless RV cameras. The longer the distance between your video monitor and the camera, the less of a chance you will be happy with this purchase.


3. THE BEST Feature Rich Top of the Line RV Camera System

If you want the highest performing, most feature rich options for rear view RV cameras then the options below should be a great starting point.

Wired – Color Voyager Tri-View Backup System with Tilt Camera, this unit comes with three total cameras: Back and 2 side cameras. All in color. The side RV cameras activate as you use your turn signal and show on your video monitor. You can view the different cameras independently or in split view mode showing more than one camera image at a time. It features a motorized rear view RV camera that moves up down and is also waterproof. This is as feature rich as they come and the price tag reflects it with a MSRP of over $1500.


Wireless – Voyager WVOS511 Digital Wireless Observation System, this unit is one of the few wireless RV camera systems that is well regarded by both industry experts and end users. Its specifically engineered for the use with RV’s and trucks. This unit is really as good as we can find when it comes to wireless technology. You can see a video example of it in use here on YouTube and another of it being installed here.


4. THE BEST Integration of a RV Backup Camera with a GPS

Several higher end GPS units offer a video input feature where you can connect a RV camera and use it much like a rear view camera system. The Garmin DEZL line, Rand McNally line, and Magellan lines all offer video inputs on their higher end units which can be used in lieu of a video monitor. This means all you would need to purchase is video cable and a camera to mount on your RV.

Wired – If your GPS has a video input then hard wiring a camera is pretty simple. All you need is to purchase any RV backup camera, mount it and run the cable from the GPS to the camera. In some cases proprietary connectors are necessary for the GPS (Thanks a lot GPS manufacturers). You may also need to buy some aftermarket plug converters to make sure that the GPS can camera can connect such as this cable converter from Garmin.


Wireless – Magellan offers an entire wireless kit that connects to their Magellan line of GPS units. Interestingly this kit also works with some other GPS models as well. As long as your unit has a 3.5mm video input jack then this unit will work. If not you could be in a situation where you need to buy proprietary adapters that would connect to a wireless video transmitter system.


Where To Get A RV Camera System

Rear view backup cameras can be bought at any local auto shop selling car accessories, electronics retailers, or camping stores near you. Alternatively, they can be purchased online for what often will be a considerable discount in our opinion.

To see the RV camera inventory available at the most popular online retailers you can click the links below:

For more information on installation methods and the choice between wired or wireless RV cameras please read through this post at the Family Motor Coach Association forums.

Conclusion: RV Backup Camera Systems

Keep in mind that you always have the option of mixing and matching the components of a RV camera system. Buying kits like the ones shown above make it very simple and are recommended for most RV’ers. However, there is nothing wrong with piecing together your own system. It can often mean a higher quality system that is much more catered to your individual needs. We hope you found this information and our reviews helpful. It was designed to help you better identify what RV back up camera may be right for your situation. Travel safe and careful backing up!

7 thoughts on “Back Up RV Camera: Best Options and Reviews”

  1. what brand of baby monitor was this? How long was space between your camera in rear and display in front? Waterproof?

  2. I just bought a used class B 2007 PleasureWay that didn’t come with a back up system, but I wanted one just to be on the safe side of things. I am going to have to put a hitch on as the previous owners never put one on, but had the ‘towing package’ installed in case. So I have to put money into the purchase/installation of a hitch, and that will mean I definitely want a back up camera.
    After looking at some systems, I came up with the idea of using a baby monitor system instead. Why? Because while I was watching my newest granddaughter (1 month old) and seeing how well their baby monitor system was working (I can pan left, right, up and down 180 degrees from whatever angle the camera is based at) and the display monitor goes where you go without distorting the image (fisheye image/fuzzy). For night it has infrared and the images are good for that too.
    So with heavy duty velcro it is mounted inside (so weather proof) at the top of the back window where it doesn’t interfer with my normal rearview mirror views and when I need to check on things…the easy to use wireless monitor is on my dash for me to glance at or move as needed…and as it has a microphone (sensitive mind you lol) I can also hear if something starts to not sound right in the back of the unit that I might not otherwise hear until it was really bad.
    I can add up to 4 camera on this unit, but I’ll only use 2…1 for watching the vehicle behind me/backing up and the other one for the grand children who will still be in rear facing car seats for awhile and will need monitoring also…and it has a temperature gauge also – so I’ll know if it’s getting to hot/cold back there for them. On the monitor display you switch between the cameras – so you still have a 3.5″ full display and not a split display from 2 (or more) cameras.
    Only the camera has to be plugged into an outlet and not wired into the existing vehicle wiring and the monitor you charge up as needed and then use remotely. When not in use…take them down and bring into the house for home survelliance/baby monitoring or both. Lots of uses for a system that cost $239.99 in CT.
    The best part so far…it’s been a system that works…and just as well and maybe sometimes better as it doubles as a two way ‘radio’ with anyone sitting in the lounge area while we are driving down the road…so no conversations are missed (I heard that!) 😀
    I’m not sure if this would work on the much bigger RV’s but possibly as the range is 590′.
    Thought I’d just share my DIY solution for a back up system until it proves I need a different system.

  3. I use the same device that I use with a regular hitch. A telescoping rod with a magnet on one end and a day-glo ball on the other. Though they come as a set of two for a boat hitch, I place one at the catch of my hitch and it leads me right to my kingpin. I have attached a string to the device for easy retrieval.

  4. I installed a backup camera on the upper part of my truck bed under my tri-fold cover so I could see the king pin of my 5th wheel as it comes up to the hitch. Because of the cover I could no longer see the hitch from the cab. My problem is the light is so bright that I cannot make out what is happening…..I really do not know what to do to correct the problem. It is as tho one is looking into the sun…..

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