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Amazing Solar Power System Fits In A Backpack Yet Can Power An RV

We’ve all heard the promise of affordable solar power for the past few years. The future we were promised is rapidly approaching and we think inventions like the Sun Seeker backpack will play a large role in it.

Imagine an uninterruptible power supply small enough to be installed in a bed side table, providing 500 watts of 120 volt power from a single unit that is both simple to set up and costs less than $2,000.

The Sun Seeker power pack installs seamlessly in the tight confines of a camper van.

power pack installed

David Thackray, a former camper van conversion factory owner, created the Sun Seeker. His Kick Starter campaign describes it like this:

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It is the perfect balance of size and weight for ease of storage and transport while still being tough and powerful enough to actually be useful in a survival situation.

It is simple enough that your grandmother can use it and powerful enough that it can keep her lights,fridge, cpap machine and phone running virtually indefinitely as long as there is a couple of hours of sun every day or two.

Thackray studied environmental science at Wollongong University. His desire for easy-to-use, portable solar power in the field during his studies drove his work on the Sun Seeker. His career transforming Mercedes ambulances into luxury campers taught him the importance of making sophisticated technology fit into tight spaces.

An Ambitious Goal

The goal was a flexible, rugged solar panel with an integrated battery/inverter system that could easily be carried into any situation by a single person to provide the power needed for survival.

The answer was a two-piece system that replaces traditional solar power units that typically require at least four separate components. The Sun Seeker weighs in at a mere 26 pounds, versus the rival at 120+. It provides 500 watts of power with an inverter peak of 1,000 watts.

Portable enough to use in locations like this.

using sun seeker remotely

One of the best features of the Sun Seeker system is that the power pack is not reliant on the solar panel for recharging! You can charge it from your 12 volt system in your car or RV, or from any AC outlet!

The sun seeker solar panel array producing over 6 amps.

the sun seeker solar array

The solar array simply unfolds and lies flat on the ground. Watch a video overview of the unit below.

Built-in USB, 12 V, and 110 V AC outlets make connecting the unit to your devices simple and easy. The Sun Seeker is capable of charging or running any device that requires less than 6 amps of continuous power.

Sun Seeker has a built in jump starter for roadside emergencies.

using sun seeker for emergency roadside

The Kickstarter program has already raised over $20,000 of the $133,000 needed to take production to the next level. Investors can get the whole Sun Seeker pack for $1,500, which we assume is a bit more than the future retail price.

Powering lights and even entertainment becomes simple.

powering a tent

For $3,000, you could power a full-sized RV with up to 10 amps of 120 volt electricity! The power pack comes with a 5 year, 90% of output warranty, better than most industry warranties.

With results like this, and a winning warranty, we’re hoping to see the Sun Seeker in use by RVers soon. It’s a great idea whose time has come. Welcome to the future.

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