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6 Reasons To Take Your RV On A Beach Vacation

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Padre Island.

6 Reasons To Take Your RV On A Beach Vacation

With the warm weather here, it’s pretty likely that the beach is calling your name. If you live near a beach this is no problem, but for those of us who live far from the ocean, a trip to the shore is a bit more of an ordeal. Still, everyone deserves a vacation, so if a trip to the beach is calling to you, go ahead and make it happen.

Of course, the first order of business is finding a place to stay. It’s important to choose your lodging before you head out for one reason: crowds. People love vacationing in beach towns, and this means many of the lodging options are booked up months in advance. That said, if you’re reading this post, you probably own an RV, and that gives you the upper hand in this situation.

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You see, not many people think of camping when planning a vacation by the sea, meaning it’s much easier to snag an RV site than it is to reserve an affordable hotel room. Not only that, but RV camping during a beach vacation has a variety of other benefits as well. Here are some of our favorites.

1. Budget-friendly

First and foremost, we must mention the obvious. Camping on the beach, while potentially more expensive than camping elsewhere, is still much cheaper than most hotel rooms. In fact, some beachfront camping can be found for free.  This means you can vacation for longer and your wallet can’t complain.

Wondering where you can stay for free (or close to it)? Try one of these locations:

Be aware, however, that unpaved beach camping is often best left to smaller rigs. Loose sand can cause big rigs to become stuck. Additionally, high tide is something all campers should remain vigilant of in order to avoid sinking into the wet sand.

2. No driving required

One of the most stressful things we do on a daily basis is drive. Nobody likes being stuck in traffic, and dealing with other drivers is often a hassle. For this reason, driving during vacation is never recommended. However, it is often necessary.

The neat thing about camping while visiting the beach is that an enormous number of beach town RV campgrounds are located right next to the ocean. This means that as long as you pack everything you need for your stay, you won’t have to spend a second of your getaway driving. Now that is relaxing!

3. Immediate fun

Another benefit of being parked on the beach is the ability to walk out your door and right into the fun. There’s no packing up a vehicle or hauling things down the road. In fact, there doesn’t have to be any packing involved at all, because your entire RV is handy whenever you need it.

Building sandcastles.  Image by Wonder Wherever We Wander

This means you (and any kids you happen to bring along) won’t have to wait to hit the waves, build sandcastles, and play volleyball. Whenever you get tired, simply head back to your home-on-wheels to cool off, eat a meal, grab a drink, and get going again!

4. Incredible views

Obviously, if you’re parked right next to the water, you’re going to be treated to some pretty incredible views.  You might just want to keep the shades raised for the vast majority of your trip. Be sure to peek out for sunrise and sunset for a fantastic image you won’t soon forget.

Gorgeous view. Image by Wonder Wherever We Wander

5. Convenient amenities

Not many affordable beachfront hotels are going to offer a kitchen, and we can’t think of any that have an outdoor shower. These are just two of the fantastic amenities you’ll enjoy while staying on the beach in your own RV.

Camping near the shore
Image source: Pixabay

Nothing beats the ability to spray off the salt and sand just before stepping into your vacation haven, and the ability to cook meals so your family can eat what they like when they like—and for a fraction of the price of eating out. Of course, sleeping in your own bed is always nice too.

6. Good night’s sleep

Speaking of beds, we mustn’t ignore the fact that sleeping in your own bed and your own space will make for much better nights—and in turn, much better days. This is a benefit that remains no matter where you decide to camp.

However, not every camping spot also boasts its very own relaxing soundscape. The sound of the ocean waves is the perfect noise to lull you off to sleep, and the calling of seagulls is a great morning greeting the next day.

Sleeping on the beach
Image source: Wonder Wherever We Wander

In our opinion, beach vacations are much better when staying in an RV.  So go ahead, pack your swimming suit and drive your rig to the nearest ocean. You’ll have a great time, make wonderful memories, and return feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world again.

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  1. From someone that has spent the last 13 winters from Dec-Apr in Key West. I can tell you nothing corrodes an RV like salt laden air. Sorry but thats a fact.

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