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Move Aside Tent! Stay in a Beehive During your Next Music Festival

Music festival attendees usually have to spend their non-dancing hours in soggy or muddy conditions, many times cooped up in a leaky tent. Innovative designers are beginning to offer other options for music lovers, and one of them is the B-and-Bee. This comfortable and stylish structure was built in Belgium by the design firms Compaan and Labeur and premiered at the 2014 Ghent Festival.

Each B-and-Bee unit has a king size bed that turns into a lounge.


While these hexagonal modules don’t look like a traditional RV, most music festival won’t allow participants to drive or tow a trailer onto the festival grounds. Camping modules like the B-and-Bee would keep down traffic and prevent destruction of local parks and festival locations. The B-and-Bee can be set up anywhere and occupies only a small footprint, with different levels being connected by staircases.

The private units also have lockable doors.


The honeycomb structure has several configurations and each “pod” has a comfortable mattress that can be transformed into a seating lounge. There’s also hooks for clothes, electrical outlets, lighting and a power source. Each unit comes with lockable doors and luggage storage. The individual units are connected to each other, while the hexagonal shape stabilizes the entire structure.

The B-and-Bee can be installed on any terrain or in any location.


The B-and-Bee concept is still being developed, but the plan is to mass produce them for various festivals in 2015.

The B-and-Bee should be available for the 2015 festival season.


For more information on the B-and-Bee modular camper, visit their website here.

Photos courtesy of B-and-Bee

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