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5 Must-Have Items Every Beer Lover Needs To Take Camping Or RVing

There aren’t many better combinations than camping with friends, a warm sizzling campfire, and an ice cold beer!

And while you may think all you need to take is a cooler for your brews when you go out camping or RVing, there are many other unique things you can find that can turn out to be complete lifesavers.

For example, here are a few one-of-a-kind items that any beer lover would love for their next outdoor adventure:

1. Jokari Beverage Caps

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What’s more annoying than pesky flies or bees hovering around your beer?? Absolutely nothing. Thankfully, these beverage caps were created to not only keep insects away, but they fit on most cans, help keep fizz in, and even prevent major spills. They’re extremely cheap at only about $5 and can be found on Amazon here!

2. Glove Beer Koozies

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It can be so frustrating when you’re out camping or RVing and you really want a beer, but it’s way too cold out and your hands won’t stop shivering when you’re trying to hold your drink! Luckily these cozy Glove Koozies are available to keep your fingers nice and toasty and they’ll allow you to enjoy your cold brew in the great outdoors no matter what time of year.

3. Temperature Controlled Beer Koozie


If you’re not looking to control the temperature of your hands but rather the temperature of your beer while you’re out camping, the Beer Chiller by Koolernaut is a quality item that features a stainless steel LCD thermometer and two freezable ice pucks that will keep your cans cold all the way to the bottom.

4. BeerRings

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Why waste a bunch of time digging around for a bottle opener during your trip when you could simply just use a ring that’s already on your own hand? Of course, if you only brought cans this wouldn’t be so much of an issue, but for people who prefer their beers in bottles, these ring openers can be rather handy. All you have to do is slip the BeerRing onto your finger and you’ll have the magical touch when you grab for your next drink! They’re available for only $6 through their website.

5. The Beer Buckle


If you aren’t really into rings but still want some kind of awesome accessory for your beer, this is an extremely helpful, functional and fashionable item you can wear while camping or RVing. You often need your hands when you’re outdoors and don’t always have a place to set down your beverage – until now. This is known as The Belt Buckle, and it’s been seen on ABC’s “Shark Tank”, GLAMOUR, the TODAY Show, and more. Simply place your beer in it and your hands will be immediately free to start building your campfire!

What do you think? Are you adding of these to your list for your next trip?

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