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The Best Caulk For RV Exterior Maintenance

Close up of older RV roof with sealant being applied - best caulk for RV exterior
What’s the best caulk for RV exterior maintenance and where do you need to use it? Photo: Dicor Products

RV Maintenance: Caulks And Sealants

Caulking is used to weatherproof seams on RVs where items extend from exterior to interior. It is a critical barrier that if failed can cause major issues to your RV.

Water damage is the one thing RVers fear and hope to never have to deal with. Performing exterior maintenance on your RV and paying particular attention to the exterior caulking is important for the life of your RV.

What is RV exterior caulking?

Caulking is a type of sealant that prevents elements such as water and air from passing from one surface to another. It seals an area of potential leakage by filling the gap between areas.

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Similar to silicone and often mistaken for the same product, RV exterior caulking is different, although used in the same way. Some people may choose silicone over caulk and vice versa depending on the situation.

Sealants that are silicon-based are generally more water-resistant and have some binding properties. They are more flexible and used for smaller gaps and binding surfaces.

Caulking sealants are paintable and better for larger gaps. They also stay soft for extended periods but do dry out and begin to harden over time.

If your RV manufacturer specifies a silicone or caulking for a certain application, it is best to follow their recommendations. The best caulk for RV exterior maintenance is the one you trust.

Where do you need to use exterior caulking?

Anywhere there is a joint between the exterior and interior or a seam that is exposed to the exterior of your RV and therefore the elements, a sealant is needed.

Around windows and doors are the obvious locations for caulking we think of. These are two very important areas since they are large openings that need to be sealed.

The roof is another area of concern as it will be exposed to water. Any items such as air conditioners and vents that are mounted to the roof require sealing. The roof has the other harsh element of direct sunlight, which is hard on sealants.

The exterior of your RV will have many other areas with sealants such as seams in corners, around the nose of the RV, along with any outlets, connections, and vents.

Having the best caulking for RV exterior maintenance is key to preventing any water leaks and eliminating air leaks that will affect the insulating properties of your RV.

The best caulk for RV exterior maintenance

As with all things, people will have their favorite brand and trusted manufacturers. Regardless of which product you choose to use, the most important thing is to be diligent with maintenance.

The RV world, as huge as it is, is very small when it comes to products that work and don’t work. A quality product gains traction quickly, so there are a few popular products widely used.

Dicor Self Leveling Sealant

Dicor has been a provider of RV products since 1984, making them a trusted name in the industry. They are most known for their RV roof sealant and repair products.

Their self-leveling Dicor’s Self-Leveling Ultra Sealant is a high-performance polyether sealant. It contains no solvents and is non-yellowing, so it will look good for years. This sealant is excellent for filling voids and joints and sealing any rooftop accessories. Dicor Self-Leveling Ultra Sealant is a fast-curing, highly weather-resistant sealant designed for RVs.

Dicor has a full line of roof repair and maintenance products for RVs, and their quality has proven itself over and over for years.

Geocel Pro Flex RV Flexible Sealant

Geocel is a leader in sealants for all industries. They have a sealant for any application. They have applied all their real-world experience to produce the best caulk for RV exterior maintenance.

One great feature of this product is its ability to be used on damp surfaces. This makes it good for quick repairs, even if temporary without having to wait for dry weather.

All of the things you want in an RV sealant are here: flexibility, weather resistance, mildew resistance, UV resistance, and it resists dirt build-up.

Ziollo RV Flex Repair

RV caulking can be a messy job for many and certainly not something we look forward to doing. Having a lifetime warranty on your RV caulking should be very appealing to anyone.

Ziollo RV Flex Repair caulking keeps its flexibility and resists hardening over time. This is a characteristic needed for RVs since they are constantly being rattled around.

It’s always best to properly prepare the surface before using any caulking product, but Ziollo does adhere to less than ideal surface conditions.

RV caulking can be easy to overlook but can cause lots of issues if ignored. At first look, it may seem okay, so close inspection is required to check for dried out or cracked caulking.

Proper exterior maintenance should be performed annually, and of course, you want to use the best caulk for RV exterior longevity.

Make sure you keep track of all your RV maintenance and repairs with an online tool such as RV LIFE Maintenance. Not only can you keep all of your documents in one place, but you’ll also receive timely reminders when maintenance is due to help you avoid costly repairs and potentially serious accidents.

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