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How To Bolt A Tiny House To A Camper Trailer Frame [VIDEO]

One of the commonly overlooked issues when building a DIY camper or tiny home is how to bolt the structure to the frame of the trailer.

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In a customary sticks and bricks home, poured concrete or cinder blocks usually serve as a solid foundation. In a mobile camper, you’ve got to make do with either a bolted or welded trailer frame as the ‘foundation’. Whether you choose a bolted or welded-steel frame, it can be a tricky process attaching the walls and siding to this steel foundation.

In this video, The Homestead Craftsman will show you how he attached the structure of his tiny house to the frame of an old camper trailer. He first stripped off the remnants of the old camper, and was left with what amounted to a simple flatbed trailer.

How to attach your tiny house to a used camper trailer frame.



In the comments to this YouTube video, one viewer asked him why he didn’t just build the tiny house on a permanent footing. The Homestead Craftsmen said,

In a completely non sarcastic way, thats sort of like getting a motorcycle and being asked why not get a car, it’s just different. With this I don’t need any permits, it sort of is what it is and that’s what I specifically want to build.

You can see more of The Homestead Craftsman’s work on his Facebook page here.

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