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Crazy Britons Race Motorhomes Around A Dirt Track

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Have you ever been to a demolition derby? They’re usually held at fairs or small-town festivals. I’ve been to a few, and they’re great fun (especially for kids). Cars, trucks, and yes sometimes old RVs, race around in a muddy area, trying to smash into and damage each other. The vehicle that remains mobile the longest takes the crown.

British TV show Top Gear did an episode that, while not going quite to the extreme as a demolition derby does, still put a lot of stress on old camper chassis.

Original video by Top Gear

Those guys are a menace! While this was supposed to be a race, it sure looked like more of a demolition derby to me. I think we could all agree beforehand that the little red Toyota would win the day due to its small size and superior maneuverability.

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