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How To Add A Bumper Storage Box To Your Camper With Some Angle Iron

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Ray Whyte from The Handyman’s Haven came up with a bumper extension mod to support an additional storage box on the back of his travel trailer.

He built one for his own camper, and then decided to build another for his son’s RV. His son wanted to carry an ATV in the bed of his truck, requiring the removal of the bed-mounted storage box. But he didn’t want to have to leave the tool box at home when out with his camper.

The storage box mounts to a welded extension that’s attached to the frame of the camper. The box takes up about two thirds of the rack space, and leaves a flat area for the mounting of other accessories, such as a generator.

Here’s a recap of the steps Ray took to create his own bumper extension storage box:

  1. Remove existing bumper
  2. Bolt (until welding is completed) 3″ x 3″ angle iron to the camper’s frame
  3. Weld the angle iron in place
  4. Add reinforcements and gussets
  5. Paint the angle iron (and be sure to cover surrounding areas so you don’t have to deal with overpaint!)
  6. Mount the storage box on the platform extension

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