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10 Useful Tips For Camping In The Rain

Summer is almost here, and that means you can finally pull your RV out of storage and head out for some camping fun. Unfortunately, it also means that rainstorms and showers are a regular occurance—making skies gray, leaving the ground soggy, and keeping many people at home.

Rainy day
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That said, there is no reason you have to remain trapped inside.  By taking the right steps, you can have just as much fun even if you are a bit damp.  What do you need to know about taking on such a wet adventure? Try these ten simple tips.

1. Drive safe

Rain and driving don’t mix, no matter what you happen to be driving. It becomes even more unsafe when you’re driving a large motorhome or pulling a trailer behind you.

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Towing in the rain
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Leaving plenty of space between you and the vehicle in front of you is a good start. You will also want to slow down and avoid slamming your brakes. A safety check of the lights and wipers before you hit the road will keep you safe, and if the rain becomes too heavy to see through, then pull over somewhere.

Your safety is more important than arriving at the campground. Besides, you have everything you need to pass the time in your home-on-wheels!

2. Check your seals

If you know before you head out that the weather is going to be wet, one of the first things you should do is check your RV seals. Water making its way into the walls of your rig can mean disaster, and water will find every tiny little hole to sneak into. Checking the seams on your RV and resealing areas that seem to need it could save you thousands of dollars in repairs and make your camping trip much less stressful.

Of course, you won’t always catch every potential leak. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to keep some EternaBond tape on hand for quick fixes on the road.

3. Get outside

The whole point of camping is to spend time in nature. Don’t let the rain keep you from doing so! Put on some rubber boots and a raincoat and get outside. Go on a rainy nature hike, ride your bike through puddles, or simply sit outside and enjoy the sound of the falling water.

Hiking in Rain
Image source: Unsplash

Playing outside in the rain is actually more fun than you might think, and you’re sure to make some incredible memories doing so.

4. Put out the awning (and know when to pull it in)

Your awning can be a wonderful tool when camping in the rain. Use it! Putting the awning out will allow you to spend time outdoors without getting a drop of rain on you.

That said, you also need to know when to pull the awning in. If it starts to become windy or if the rain is falling very heavily, be sure to pull the awning back in to avoid damage to your rig.

Additionally, it is important to note that your awning should always have a slant to it while it’s out. This allows rain to drain properly instead of gathering on the awning and eventually breaking it. Read more about how to prevent RV awing damage.

5. Pack tarps and towels

Tarps and towels are two of the most important tools to have on hand during a rainstorm. Tarps can be used to cover chairs and other items that must be left outside. Towels, on the other hand, are perfect for drying wet feet, floors, and anything else that might bring a bit of moisture into the RV.

6. Leave shoes at the door

Shoes are bound to become muddy during wet weather. Since nobody likes a muddy floor, it is important that shoes are left at the door. Of course, you don’t want shoes to be rained on either. The best solution to this problem is a simple plastic tub with a lid.

Place all muddy shoes in the tub and slide it under the RV to keep all footwear nice and dry without tracking mud into the rig.

7. Get a rug

Another thing that can help with the muddy floor problem is an outdoor rug. These rugs are available in all sizes and colors and are perfect for keeping your site as mud-free as possible, even when the rest of the campground seems to be a lake.

8. Invest in jack pads

Let’s face it, mud isn’t the most stable surface to set your RV jacks down on. Therefore, if you arrive at an extremely muddy campground, you’re going to want to have some jack pads on hand. These simple items help evenly distribute the weight of your camper, making it less likely that you’ll sink into the ground and become stuck.

9. Bring games and movies

Despite the fact that playing in the rain is fun, you probably won’t want to spend the whole weekend in wet weather, especially if lightning decides to show its face. For this reason, it’s a good idea to pack some indoor fun.

Image source: Unsplash

Games and movies are both great options, as are reading materials and craft supplies. Use your indoor time to reconnect with your family and simply relax.

These are some of our favorite board and card games.

10. Grab a weather radio

Last but certainly not least, you will need to have a weather radio close at hand. Summer showers can quickly turn to dangerous storms in many parts of the country. A weather radio will warn you of tornados, high winds, and other dangerous situations with enough time to seek out proper shelter.

The next time rain tries to ruin your camping fun, don’t let it! Instead, use these simple tips to get out there and have some rainy day fun.

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2 thoughts on “10 Useful Tips For Camping In The Rain”

  1. Helpful article with some good tips! I always have a no-shoe policy in my home and in my travel trailer because it keeps everything so much cleaner, but I hadn’t thought of the plastic tote with a lid for the shoes. Last time we went camping in the rain, we were quite lucky our shoes stayed dry under the trailer, as it rained quite hard. A plastic box with a lid would have been handy.

  2. one very good idea for any RV’er is a headband flashlight. Anyone with an RV knows that if something is going to go screwy it will be in the most difficult to access place lol and that you will need both hands to fix it – a headlamp gives you perfect lighting and frees up both hands for the repair enabling you to get back to your camp chair the fastest!

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