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Excited for Camping Season? Here Are 6 Fun Ways To Keep Busy Until It’s Here

For RV enthusiasts who find themselves stuck in the chill of winter, unable to migrate south, the wait for camping season can feel endless. At first, this waiting period isn’t too tough. The holiday season keeps us busy, distracting us from our longing for camping adventures. But once mid-January hits and life’s daily routine kicks in, the yearning for camping season becomes a constant thought for every RVer watching the snowfall.

Those weeks of waiting for the sun to shine brighter and for camping season to roll back around can feel like forever. That’s why we suggest finding fun activities to fill your time during these colder months.

Wondering how to take your mind off camping? Well, guess what? You don’t have to stop thinking about camping at all. We’ve got 6 fantastic ways for you to stay connected to your camping passion and make the wait for camping season a lot more enjoyable.

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#1: Plan Your First Spring Trip

As we count down to camping season, there’s no better way to utilize this time than planning your first spring trip. And for a seamless experience, the RV LIFE Pro suite is your go-to companion. This suite bundles a number of online tools including RV LIFE Trip Wizard, RV LIFE App, RV LIFE Campground Reviews, and more.

Begin with the RV LIFE Trip Wizard to map your route, enjoying the ease of visualizing each day’s travel. Then, let RV LIFE Campground Reviews guide you to the best spots, offering real RVers’ insights. Finally, as you set off, the RV LIFE App’s GPS ensures a smooth, RV-friendly drive. This trio turns trip planning from a task into an exciting part of your camping adventure.

#2: Stay Fit for Camping Season

Keeping in shape during the winter not only boosts your health but also prepares you for activities like hiking, canoeing, and swimming once camping season begins. Consider indoor exercises that mimic outdoor activities: yoga for flexibility, strength training for hiking endurance, and even swimming at a local indoor pool. These activities keep you active and ensure you’re ready to fully enjoy the outdoor adventures that await in the camping season. Remember, a little effort in the off-season can lead to a more enjoyable and active time outdoors.

3: Watch an RV Movie or Documentary

In the downtime before camping season kicks off, why not get inspired by RV-themed movies and documentaries? Here are four great picks:

  • RV’ (2006): A family comedy about a road trip in an RV, filled with humor and relatable mishaps.
  • ‘The Long, Long Trailer’ (1954): This classic follows a couple’s comedic adventures in their trailer.
  • ‘Nomadland’ (2020): An Oscar-winning portrayal of life on the road in a van, offering a mix of drama and real-life insights.
  • ‘Expedition Happiness’ (2017): A heartwarming documentary about a couple traveling across North America in a bus.

These films offer a blend of humor, drama, and real-life RV experiences to fuel your excitement for the open road.

#4: Give Your Camping Gear Some TLC

Use this off-season to give your camping gear some TLC. Start by inspecting your RV for any repairs it might need. Then, move on to your camping essentials like tents, sleeping bags, and cooking gear. Check for any wear and tear, clean them thoroughly, and make any necessary repairs. This is also a great time to upgrade or replace items. By maintaining your gear now, you ensure everything is in top condition, ready for the moment you hit the road.

#5: Create New RV Decor for the Upcoming Camping Season

If you’re going to be spending a lot of time stuck indoors, you might as well use it to do something useful. Additionally, if you’re going to be thinking about your RV while doing that useful thing, it may as well be something that relates to the camping season. How about creating some new decor for your home-on-wheels?

If you sew, creating new curtains or throw pillows can be fun and will give the camper an entirely new look. Crafty individuals may create something to hang on the walls. Meanwhile, those who enjoy woodworking might build a new piece of furniture or accessory. Use your skills and hobbies and see what fun things you can make to spruce up your motorhome and trailer.

#6: Chat with Other RVers

When you’re missing the camping life, connecting with others who feel the same can be uplifting. Look into RV forums where enthusiasts gather. Start conversations and share stories, and you’ll find yourself learning new tips for your next adventure.

In these communities, like RV LIFE Communities, you’ll find specialized forums for every RV interest. Take iRV2 forums, for example. It offers a space for thoughtful exchange among both experienced and new RVers about maintenance, travel destinations, and general RV living.

Wrapping Up

As the anticipation for the upcoming camping season builds, remember the wait can be just as rewarding as the journey itself. Embracing these activities not only makes the time fly but also enriches your camping experience. Whether it’s planning your next adventure, staying fit, or connecting with fellow RV enthusiasts, each moment spent now adds to the joy of the road ahead.

We’re always on the lookout for new ideas to add to our camping prep routine, and we’d love to hear yours. Share your own tips and tricks in the comments below, and let’s make the wait for camping season a time of excitement and preparation together!