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Camping With Cats: This Instagram Account Is Just Purrfect

Just when you think you’ve seen all of the cat photos on the Internet that you can handle, new ones come up again that remind us how much we love the furry little guys.

We came across this Instagram account – Camping With Cats – and their photos are just too adorable to not share. It’s dedicated to pictures of our feline friends in the great outdoors, along with hilarious Haiku poems underneath as the captions.  Here are some of our favorites.

When you haven’t fed them yet and they give you this face:

They make the best backpacking companions…

 But sometimes, they’re just too tired for an adventure.

Getting up in the morning is never easy…

Especially if you were having a really great dream…

But at least you’ll get to wake up to views like these:

This cuddly one was at Horseshoe Bend in Arizona:

The face you make when you see Bryce Canyon in Utah:

Caught in the middle of a Colorado storm:

When you’re just trying to sit and relax with them…

Or take them to a beautiful waterfall:

So close, yet so far away:

 Still waiting on that food…

To see more Camping With Cats photos, follow them on Instagram here.

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