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Can’t-Miss Open and Airy Converted School Bus. Plus an Awesome Shower Rod Idea.

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When you see the inside of this remodeled 1993 Ford school bus you’ll be amazed.

It took three months of hard work, but they’re getting ready to celebrate four years living in this awesome bus.

I just love the amount of light that all the windows let in. I wonder how they keep their privacy at times?

Plus at 2:25 of the video you can see the fantastic shower curtain rod she installed.

I’ve never seen one of these before. Usually shower curtain rods are straight or in a fixed arc, which isn’t the best configuration. It’s so easy to get water everywhere and it’s a pain to shove the curtain aside to climb in or out of the shower.

But this shower curtain ‘cracks’ in the middle so you can swing it either inside or outside the shower area. It’s called the Extend-a-Shower and you can get it in either a white or metal finish.

What did you think of her spacious school bus? For more skoolie design inspiration or to get started with your own school bus conversion, be sure to check out the forums.

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5 thoughts on “Can’t-Miss Open and Airy Converted School Bus. Plus an Awesome Shower Rod Idea.”

  1. Thanks for your comment Steve. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to make contact with the couple who own the bus. They only have one video (bummer) and there’s no way to email them.

  2. It looked like the Stove and Water Heater were home type, which would run off of 220 volt. You said you were removing the Stove, but I’d like to know how you run 220 volt? Campgrounds have 50 amps with 110 volts, not 220 volts. You did a good job and it is nice looking.

  3. How beautiful! I envy your 4 years living in your bus! Oh to be young again! You certainly have a talent for converting something into something so very useful! (that shower curtain was cool as was the solar panel idea) How did you work while living in your RV? I think I would love it! Thanks for sharing!

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