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Stronger, Lighter, Fuel Efficient: The New CR-1 Carbon Fiber RV from GCT

Trailer weight has always been a big concern for RV manufacturers. Their design teams go to great lengths in developing lightweight materials, components, and accessories to lessen the load.

One material that has been noticeably absent from the RV world is carbon fiber.

Although carbon fiber comes standard in many high end automobiles, RV manufacturer’s haven’t made routine use of it in the design of their own top-of-the-line products.

One company, Global Caravan Technologies (GCT), intends to bring the benefits of carbon fiber to the RV world.

Photo: CGT


GCT is a new company out of Speedway, IN that is dead set on bringing a high end carbon fiber RV to showrooms in 2015. The photos you see here are of the CR-1 travel trailer which features a carbon fiber chassis and body. GCT expects this 35 foot long trailer to weigh just 6,000 lbs, which is significantly less than most trailers of this size.

GCT touts the fuel economy improvements and the ability to tow the CR-1 carbon fiber RV with a V6 truck or SUV as key selling points.

Photo: AutoRevolution
Photo: AutoRevolution

The CR-1 travel trailer will start out priced at $170,000, which will include all the standard options including leather and carbon fiber interior, luxury walk through bathroom, and a modular entertainment/lounge/workstation area.

If you were to ask for all the luxury options, the total would run all the way up to $770,000!

This would include washer and dryer, satellite TV, WiFi router, custom solar power system, generator, switch-operated privacy glass (windows and the ceiling in the bedroom), run flat tires, and even a control center that can be run from your smartphone.

The control center enables remote operation of the the awning, lights, privacy glass, and window shades, etc. With the built in router, it would be possible to control it from anywhere.

CR-1 Carbon Fiber RV Interior

Photo: CGT


GCT has grand plans for creating an entire fleet of models for you to choose from. Included in their development pipeline are smaller trailers and a full sized motorhome.

Imagine the sticker shock on that diesel pusher!

GCT CR-1 Carbon Fiber RV Unveiling Video

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