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Sleek And Sexy Install Of A Catalytic Heater In A Cabinet Door

Catalytic heater in cabinet

Catalytic heaters work well as primary or secondary heat sources in RVs. Catalytic heaters convert low-pressure gas into heat and don’t require dangerously high temperatures to effectively warm your RV’s living space.

Bob Kendall installed a CAT! catalytic heater in both of his RVs: a toy hauler and a fifth wheel trailer. 

He added a unique twist to the install though, opting to locate the catalyutic heater in a cabinet door.

Bob vented his 5,000 BTU heater directly to the outside via a flexible hose. He installed a thermostat in the bedroom for remote control and temperature selection.

For safety, the propane line has a shut-off valve and he always opens the ceiling vent just a touch to ensure a smooth flow of fresh air and to reduce condensation. A battery powered carbon monoxide alarm adds an extra element of protection.

When you are running a heater, always put a portable battery powered CO alarm where you are sleeping.

While he didn’t explicitly mention this, it looks like Bob added a couple of extra hinges to the cabinet door to support the heater’s added weight.

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An infant safety lock ensures the heavy door stays closed during travel. Visit the following link for more pictures and a complete walk-through of this catalytic heater installation…

RV NOW: Catalytic Heater Install

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