RV joke humor jim gaffigan

Funny RV: Jim Gaffigan – King Baby – Camping

RV joke humor jim gaffigan

The only thing better to me than being out on the open road in my RV is laughing about being on the open road in my RV. A funny RV Joke and sense of humor is the best way to accomplish just that. This cut from a stand up routine from Jim Gaffigan about camping and RV’ing tickled me. Be warned that if you take yourself seriously you might take offense to his opinion of RV’ing.



You can learn more about Jim Gaffigan at his Website



RV On the Beach

Funny RV – RV on the Beach

For anyone that was curious or is considering parking their RV on the beach this could be of service. This handy video shows a great example of what the open road outdoor spirit of some RV’ers can lead to. This motorhome spent 4 hours stranded on the beach while they tried an array of unsuccessful attempts to get moving again. Finally once nightfall had set in the RV’er was back on the road but I would imagine not to embark on the beach again. I have mixed emotions about it, but one thing is for sure if it happened to me my friends would be knee slapping for quite some time.


If you have three of your close friends with one ton trucks then you have nothing to worry about. Have a look at the video below for an explanation.



When we tell our friends we want to RV on the beach I am sure this is not what we had in mind. Most of us are looking for something like the view below!

RV On the Beach


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