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Great How To Video On Upgrading The Converter / RV Battery Charger To A Progressive Dynamics PD4655

Are you getting sick and tired of your stock converter / battery charger? If  your converter isn’t up to snuff, maybe it’s time for an upgrade. In this video, YouTuber slworking2 outlines the process for upgrading your converter / battery charger to a Progressive Dynamics PD4655 4600 Series 55 Amp converter.

He lays it out pretty simply in my opinion, though I’m far from an expert. I’ve heard a lot of people talk about a way to convert their RV battery charger, but not many seemed to know how to do it. This video makes the upgrade a little clearer to me. The PD 4655 is very highly rated on and they also offer free shipping on this unit if you’re interested in purchasing one.


How to upgrade your converter and battery charger to a Progressive Dynamics PD4655.

Original video by slworking2

A couple of commenters noted that the wiring shown in the video may not be suitable for high current (greater than 55 amp) charging. In fact, after a comment from another experienced RVer, slworking2 upgraded the wiring to a heavier gauge, solving the voltage drop issues he was having.

Here’s the pertinent comment from YouTube user awboater:

One issue you will have is your converter-to-battery wiring is not likely sufficient for high current (55amp) charging. It looks like the wiring is perhaps 10AWG, but say it is even 8AWG. With a 10ft cable distance to the battery, there would be more than a 0.5VDC drop in voltage at the battery. Since the battery charge rate is dependent on the voltage delta, a 0.5V loss is significant to the charge current.