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Cheap and Easy DIY Awning With Supplies From Harbor Freight

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We recently featured a video by TheRVgeeks on how to install additional awnings on your motorhome or trailer.

Here’s another idea if you’re into saving money and making an awning on the cheap. YouTube user Kraka069 shows you how he added grommets to a tarp and installed hooks on the exterior of his 6 foot by 10 foot trailer for a quick and practical DIY awning.

installing a tarp awning on a 6 by 10 harbor freight trailer
Installing a tarp awning on a 6 by 10 Harbor Freight trailer camper

One thing I noticed was that rain water might leak between the trailer and the awning. Maybe a flap of some kind could be added to bridge this opening?


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  1. You’re gonna regret not spacing those grommets (and the washers) at equal intervals when the tarp wears out and you have to place grommets in a new one.

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