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He Painted The Exterior Of His Antique Shasta Camper For Less Than $50, And It Turned Out Great

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Kevin was getting a lot of questions on how to paint a vintage Shasta camper, so he decided to make a video detailing his DIY method for getting the job done – on the cheap!

You have no idea how much this helped.  Just bought a 1969 Pathfinder and was going to rent a sprayer.  I will definitely use your method.  It looks fantastic!

Many would-be rehabbers might be more comfortable painting the interior of their camper, as the surfaces are commonly wood. Painting the exterior of a metal camper (or fiberglass for that matter) is a different beast.

Source: YouTube

His approach to prep work has my elbows smiling. You’d think that you’d need to use a lot of effort to prepare the surface of the trailer for paint, but he proves you don’t. Windex? Who knew?!


It’s a year later and the camper still looks great.. Any paint will collect dust if its in a dusty environment I guess..My camper didn’t / doesn’t ‘collect dust’, it still shines. This was never meant to be a ‘best way’ to paint a vintage camper, just an inexpensive alternative that looks much better than doing nothing 🙂

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